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the FOUNDATIONS bundle

 A step-by-step guide to crafting your business mission. Approach your brand, blog, or biz with clarity + a strong vision. Plus, learn how to create a tagline & use these elements throughout your brand.


your mission statement

Differentiating your brand & establishing yourself as an authority within your industry can feel daunting. If you’ve ever thought, “who am I to share this or put myself out there like that?”, then this course is for you!


how to stand out


Learn the secrets behind the clearly defining your target market, and then how to truly captivates and provide value your audience, and turn followers into loyal fans and buyers.


your ideal audience

Creating Your Mission Statement

Finding Your Ideal Audience

Developing Your Visual Brand

How To Stand Out


4 courses

Learn how to create a compelling, cohesive brand for your business that resonates with your target audience and attracts your dream clients, using tools like brand boards and brand strategy.


developing visual brand


the INSTAGRAM bundle


Learn how to create a recognizable brand, build a consistent brand image, and write an IG bio that'll stop your future followers mid-scroll. Discover ways to increase engagement and create content authentic to your brand.

optimizing your Instagram brand

Learn which caption components drive engagement to your profile & captivate your audience. Discover how to format your captions so they're not only click-worthy but packed with interesting content for your audience.

creating captions that captivate

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Optimizing Your Instagram Brand

Creating Captions That Captivate

INSTAGRAM bundle //

2 courses


coming January 2020

the goal-getter's guide

the stressed-out professional // 

how to make sure stress doesn't get in way of your growth

with Carlee Myers

the aspiring speaker //

5 tips to rock the stage from the boardroom to your first event

with Shelby Wildgust Brandt