what is the SXS ACADEMY?

THE SXS ACADEMY is an online hub of masterclasses taught by experts + private community to connect, educate, and equip multi-passionate women like you with the strategy, action plan, and resources to turn your ideas into the business or passion project you dream of creating.

We believe that you...

  • can successfully launch your first promo or event

  • can write captions, record video, and create blog posts with confidence and clarity

  • can turn your big dreams into a reality, given clear and simple steps

  • crave connection with a support squad of fierce women to help you up level your business (and life!)

However, sometimes the journey can be challenging, especially when you don't know where to begin or have lost your way.

If you've ever felt like you're…

  • on top of the world one day, determined to make your dreams come true, and the next, doubt and imposter syndrome have set in...

  • so excited, until someone plants a seed of doubt in your mind...

  • alone in your journey, and want to connect with other like-mined crew who understands what you’re going through...

...then you are SO in the right place, girlfriend!


The ACADEMY is not a program, course, or even a traditional mastermind...


It’s so much more.

We're a community of passionate and determined women who aim to build a successful brand, excel in our businesses, create a positive impact on the world, and use our strengths to serve others.

Alex & Anna Laura have over a decade of experience building brands, learning from our mistakes, acquiring new methods, and achieving financial & personal success. Anna Laura taps into her knowledge & experience transitioning into full-time entrepreneur and brand photographer, growing a creative business from the ground up. Alex brings her practical understanding, strategy, and skill set of working full-time while developing a thriving business in the pockets of her day-to-day.


Combined with our Guest Lecturers -- your most-admired female creatives, brand powerhouses, and career go-getters -- we've been there, built that, and are paying it forward to YOU.


When you join as a 102 or 103 Member, you’ll get instant access to ALL of our exclusive masterclasses, compete with short 10-15 minute video lectures (because who actually has time for lengthy courses?), and in-depth, printable workbooks, as well as a full library of additional resources, like Pitch templates, Content Strategy Plan, and more. as well as access to our private member-only community & weekly calls, where we personally teach you or collaborate with the experts to bring you key information to help you up-level your business and brand. 

So grab your glass of bubbly or cold brew, check that wifi connection, and let's learn girl... because the chicest class is now in session!


"The Academy is a warm and welcoming place to gain knowledge, resources, and a support squad. The content is easily digestible with a workbook and video for each course. It has been an amazing experience to meet other boss babes at the events after chatting with them online in the weekly Zoom calls and Instagram group."

— Emma, Academy Member

"The Academy helped me form more focused and targeted messaging for my brand. The course content was very engaging and I felt a personal connection to the instructors having the femalepreneur spirit in common. The 2:1 call at the conclusion of the course was icing on the cake as I got to receive custom feedback and live a Q&A session. Fabulous and extremely valuable experience all around!"

— Academy Member

"It's been really helpful and eye-opening to make a mission and put those thoughts I've had floating around into reality!"

— Carlita, Academy Member


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