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VIP Private Mentorship
work  with us, 2-on-1

We know what it's like to DIY your business.

We see you, girlfriend. You’re doing so much in your business, but things feel scattered and unorganized. You feel like a pop-up mall kiosk: pitching to everyone you see but still hearing crickets. 

You're a Multipassionate Entrepreneur wanting to make an impact on your dream customer. You know you need to get your biz in front of more eyes, make a more stable income from your side hustle and turn it into a profitable business... and spend less $$$ on advertising. 


If you're anything like we were, right about now you're done trying to do it alone and you're ready to invest in a coach who actually gets what you've got going on.

That's where we come in, friend. Using our Simplified Selling System, we'll take you from unorganized and feeling unseen to landing clients with more ease. Yass please! 

"I’ve been able to meet new women, build up my email list and begin to share my discovery call offering with people who are the most interested in my business - not just with the IG void! [SHE x SHINES has] given me a chance to connect with my ideal clients in a new way, and to continue that relationship long after the Zoom call ends."


SXS Coaching Client & Member

the Self-Love Stylist

Sound familiar?

​✔️ You don’t know where to start… you've got so many offers, but no clue how to market them cohesively. ​

✔️ You feel alone… no one else in your circle is talking about how difficult it feels to build a community, let alone how to do it!

✔️ ​You’ve been trying to do it yourself, but things just don't seem to be moving in your business.

​✔️ You see others hitting milestones in their businesses, and you want to turn your current following into raving customers, but wonder, "How?!"

​✔️ You’re camera shy… and just the idea of putting yourself out there leaves you feeling exhausted and envious of others who seem to show up online with such ease.

​✔️ You are so overwhelmed by your daily to-do list, you can't seem to hit your actual business goals, and you're losing motivation.

​✔️ You've taken so many courses, but you need to talk it out with someone who can tell you exactly what to do next.

✔️ You feel like an imposter frequently thinking "why would anyone want to pay me for what I have?"

Growing your business can feel exhausting.

Finding the right customer can feel impossible.

You're looking for a mentor who is there just for you.

How do we know this?

Because girlfriend, we've been there...

about Anna Laura & Alex

Anna Laura is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning brand photographer for women-owned businesses, and pro hype girl. Though a proud introvert, she has led trainings with multiple companies such as Isagenix and Bellame, sharing key goalsetting and mindset techniques to help others uplevel their businesses, and has been seen in Oxygen Magazine, HuffPost, Health Magazine, and others. 

Alex is a multipassionate career woman, scaling SXS while working full time as a medical speech-language pathologist (including on the front lines during the pandemic). She's graced the adverts of David's Bridal, worked with top brands like Yasso, Dickie's Uniforms, and Rent the Runway, and has been seen in PhillyMag sharing her advice and strategy on juggling a full time job and business. 

After connecting on Instagram while growing separate businesses, these women realized the need for more connection with a like-minded crew, real talk around the highs, lows, and strategy of growing a business, and true community.  They joined forces and created SHE x SHINES, which has since evolved into the SHE x SHINES community, events, a top podcast, and most recently is one of the only two talk shows on cable TV centered around female entrepreneurship (now streaming on Comcast RISE!).

The SXS founders are here to help business owners lay a strong foundation, gain clarity, and take action... with a glass of champagne in hand! 


We couldn't have done any of this without a fierce crew of mentors and coaches. We know how invaluable talking 1-on-1 to a coach is, and receiving guidance specific to your needs, not a cookie-cutter program that'll get lost in your inbox. 


We've been able to help dozens of entrepreneurs gain clarity and focus using our Simplified Selling System...

Awesome Offer Building.

We'll save you time by helping you craft and sell what your dream customer is craving from you. Plus, you'll know where to consistently find your dream client (and know what to say to her when sharing your offer!).

Schedule Hacking.

We'll overhaul your to-do list to give you back precious time, and streamline your schedule so you can scale without overwhelm or burnout.

Visibility Boosting.

We'll get your business in front of more eyes, plus create an exceptional customer experience that'll have your clients spreading the word for you! 


We believe you CAN grow a full time business (not just a side hustle) on top of all the other hats you wear. From 2 women who have been there - trust us when we say it can take a ton of time to build a client list when you're not sure who you're talking to -- but with guidance from our VIP Mentorship, we can promise you it’s easier to show up and scale. During your 3 Months of Business Mentorship, we will teach you how to:

  • avoid scaring away potential clients

  • make better use of your time, energy, and money

  • rake in more cash

  • have more time for a social life

  • and more! 

Remember, these calls are specific to your problems and questions. One of the best parts? You have access to not just one, but TWO experienced mentors, plus our SHE x SHINES Network of additional support for all your needs, from legal, financial, to graphic design, and more.

Because we want to keep as much focus on you as possible, space for this mentorship is extremely limited (and spaces go quick!). Book a call now if you're ready to take action!

"No one has time to Google ALL the things. Thank you ladies for making it easy & fun to connect with women who are all pursuing entrepreneurial passions. So happy I found you two to help me go from idea & doubt to small steps & action."

Jaennika J.

SXS Coaching Client

Healthcare Admin & Leader +

Host, Essential & Empowered Podcast

"I used your excellent suggestions as a foundation and settled on my new mission statement. It has already been added to my website, IG bio, and placed at the top of my ALL NEW PRICING SHEET. I feel SO relieved knowing that if people have pricing questions, I can just send it on over!"

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SXS Coaching Client


What's included


with Anna Laura & Alex

- valued over $8,000 -

This isn't a cookie-cutter course. We're here to help provide you with an actionable plan to help solve your immediate problems, plus bonuses like done-for-you templates and resources unique to your specific needs.

5 x 45-MINUTE CALLS with Alex & Anna Laura

- typically $295/hour -

On your call, you'll take part in a hot seat strategy session to reach your business goals. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions,  dive deeper, gain new ideas, and receive valuable feedback and resources. 


- value: $325 -

A goal without a plan is just a wish. At the end of each month, you'll receive a personalized Action Plan Workbook with your mission statement, copy for social media, marketing plans, steps to break your Champagne Dream down into manageable steps, and more! Buh bye, overwhelm... hello clarity!


- value: $210 -

While note-taking is encouraged, if you missed something or want to go back for review, you'll be able to, whenever you want! Immediately following our conversation, you'll receive the video recording of your call.


- value: priceless! -

You'll also receive access to our SXS Hotline (text us gf!) and Facebook group where you can connect with more bosses, attend additional free trainings, happy hours, and more! That means you'll receive access to both Alex & Anna Laura every day. Daily access & advice with TWO mentors? Invaluable!



- value: $3700-

You'll receive access to exclusive bonus materials specific to your unique questions, problems, and needs. Whether you need extra support on starting your podcast, to email & DM pitch templates, to creating a landing page and website, we're here to share all our resources and downloadable workbooks with you.


- value: priceless! -

In addition to BOTH Alex and Anna Laura, you'll receive access to the SXS Network of support for all your business needs, like: 

  • Mindset for Entrepreneurs with licensed therapist, Vasavi Kumar (featured in The Wall Street Journal, FOX, VH1, and was a regular on NBC’s Kansas City Live as the “Keepin’ It Real Guru.”)

  • Instagram Strategy with Shannon McKinstrie, social media manager who turned her love of social media into a 6-figure business

  • plus other top industry mentors like Ellen Yin, Sade Jones, and more

OUR Foundations WORKBOOK

- value: $275 -

Learn the secrets behind the clearly defining your target market, and then how to truly captivate and provide value your community, and turn followers into loyal fans. This is a step-by-step guide to creating a business mission, so you can approach your business with clarity & a strong vision. You'll learn how to differentiate your brand & establish yourself as an authority within your industry.

If you're ready to learn to create the perfect offer for your dream client and get your biz in front of more eyes, we'd love to work together. Book your discovery call now!


What makes you qualified to be a business coach?

Our real-life experience as both business owners and coaches! We have a combined 10+ years of experience as business owners in multiple industries, and are passionate about helping women who are working a job while growing their business, or who are running multiple businesses. We provide results to other multipassionate women looking to grow their business without overwhelm or squirrel brain. 


What if I do a session and hate it? What's the refund policy?

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We’ll hop on a call to figure out what we can change and how to make your experience better. If we can’t come to a conclusion, we’ll be more than happy to refund you.

Will you show me how to gain more followers and more likes?

We will teach you how to create both community and the content that specific community is dying to have. We don’t focus on short term results for boosts in followers and likes. We focus on community-centric business strategies and techniques to ensure the long-term success of your business. 

Got a question? ASK US!


"It helped my brain a lot... it's also got me feeling more "into" my business instead of just someone sitting on the outside trying to run it!"

"I was struggling for the longest time to reach out to my target audience, niche down what I was passionate about and my mission statement. Thanks to these wonderful ladies I have felt more confident in what I have to offer and stand for, in serving my community, as well as creating content." 

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Tamzen B.

SXS Coaching Client


Dhruvi S.

SXS Coaching Client

MPH Graduate, Public Health & Self-Care Advocate

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