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VIP Private Mentorship
work  with us, 2-on-1

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm that comes with being a multipassionate entrepreneur?

If you've felt like like:

  • “I just have this constant feeling like I’m not doing enough.

  • "I have so much going on, I’m not sure where I should focus..."

  • "I'm worried about spreading myself too thin."

  • "I am starting to feel burnt out and like I don't know what is working and what is."

Then listen up, friend: we created this mentorship program specifically for multipassionates just like you.

"I was struggling for the longest time to reach out to my target audience, niche down what I was passionate about and my mission statement. Thanks to these wonderful ladies I have felt more confident in what I have to offer and stand for, in serving my community, as well as creating content. 

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Dhruvi S.

SXS Coaching Client

MPH Graduate, Public Health & Self-Care Advocate

Inside this private business mentorship we’ll show you step-by-step, how to convert followers into customers with an offer they can't wait to buy... so you can start taking your business more seriously.


Using our research-based methods and systems we created specifically for multipassionate entrepreneurs (who wear so many hats every day!), get ready to say ‘Bye Felicia!’ to the inconsistency and frustration with the DIY business life.


You’ve wasted enough of your time, energy, and money on an idea that hasn't shown any return. Let’s change that!

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Liz F.

SXS Coaching Client

the Self-Love Stylist

"I’ve been able to meet new women, build up my email list and begin to share my discovery call offering with people who are the most interested in my business - not just with the IG void! [SHE x SHINES has] given me a chance to connect with my ideal clients in a new way, and to continue that relationship long after the Zoom call ends."

In the VIP mentorship you'll be able to...


​✔️ design a clear offer PROVEN TO SELL, based on validated research, not a “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” plan

✔️ CONVERT new followers into interested clients with simple DM templates that will have them thanking you for reaching out

✔️ ​have MORE TIME to spend with your family & friends, because you’ll know exactly what needs to get done and when for your business and personal life

​✔️ post CONSISTENTLY to social media because you know exactly what you’re selling and who you’re selling to

✔️ introduce yourself with CONFIDENCE when you show up at brunch, happy hour, or your next Clubhouse room​

We've helped dozens of women turn ideas into a full-time income and ditch the DIY biz life using our multipassionate methods.

Ready to end your 1AM fight with the Google search bar?

Here’s why we know this will be the best decision for your business...

we're multipassionate like you !


Anna Laura is an award-winning brand & product photographer and Alex is the owner of a private speech pathology practice.


After connecting on Instagram while growing our own separate businesses, we realized the common struggle multipassionates encounter: trying to successfully turn your idea into a money-making offer alongside all the other hats you wear in life. (Do you keep your full time job? Quit? Start a second business? Try a new idea?!)

As SHE x SHINES founders, we've helped dozens of entrepreneurial women -- full-time employees, managing multiple businesses, pursuing higher-education degrees, growing families -- turn a time-eating side hustle into a profitable, Champagne-Dream-of-a-business, using customized strategies and systems made especially for multipassionates.

Because we know for us multipassionates, the juggle is real. That's why we’ve spent years practicing and implementing the skills we teach, so our methods are rooted in real-life research, not theory.


In 3 short years, we've taken the multipassionate entrepreneur world by storm, hosting 40+ webinars and IRL events, launching one of the only TV shows highlighting BIPOC female small-business owners, and creating a top podcast that brings you BTS with your favorite multipassionate entrepreneurs! 


We’re on a mission to help save you from all the mistakes we made starting our businesses so you don’t waste months (or years, yikes!) in a side-hustle... draining your precious time, money, and energy.


We can’t wait to see you (and your business!) shine, girlfriend!


Keep shining,

Anna Laura & Alex


"I have never worked with a coach before. I would listen to podcasts that would then funnel into a larger $400 masterclass and that didn’t feel genuine to me. I wanted to be able to connect with the people I was working with and felt that immediate connection with you two. Like I could totally see us going to brunch together! Coaching with you two felt natural but also very accountable and real, which is why I was drawn to SHE x SHINES.”

Jaennika J.

SXS Coaching Client

Healthcare Admin & Leader +

Host, Essential & Empowered Podcast

We're a perfect match if you...

✔️ Are a multipassionate woman with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants clarity on all her ideas in order to have a business (not a side hustle or a hobby)

✔️ Want support from women who understand the juggle is real, and you've got so much going on. (You need a doable, actionable plan along with all that caffeine, girl!)

✔️ Have been trying to piece your business plan from endless courses and freebies that are just collecting dust in your inbox.

✔️ Are ready to link arms and commit to making this the best quarter of your business... because we know it will be!


What's included in the SXS Private Mentorship...

5 Live, 1:1 calls

+ unlimited Q&A with 2 mentors 

+ lifetime access to the recordings of your calls

*schedule your own 45-min calls at your convenience to fit your schedule

These live calls are hands-on and customized to your business. Unlike cookie-cutter downloads and webinars, this is a “take action” environment with realistic goal planning and monthly to-dos, to make sure you’re implementing what you’re learning...not collecting dust in your inbox. 

Plus, in between calls, you still have access to us via our private text number and email!

We'll also share our signature Multipassionate Time Management System and Multipassionate Content Plan, so you can say hello to simplicity and consistency! You'll know the exact service you offer and the specific clients you’ll serve.

3 Monthly, Customized Action Plans

No more squirrel-brain with your goals! At the end of each month, we compile all the notes and resources from our calls into a personalized Action Plan, complete with step-by-step directions to make achieving your Champagne Dream as easy as 1, 2, 3.

"I used your excellent suggestions as a foundation and settled on my new mission statement. It has already been added to my website, IG bio, and placed at the top of my ALL NEW PRICING SHEET. I feel SO relieved knowing that if people have pricing questions, I can just send it on over!"

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SXS Coaching Client



Access to a Private Text & Facebook Community

- value: priceless! -

The DIY life is stressful. You like to bounce your ideas off of others and tbh...you could use the extra boost of accountability. Team up with other like-minded multipassionates to get feedback, ask questions, celebrate wins, and network. And no need to wait for your next call to talk to us, with our direct SXS text line!

Exclusive Masterclasses with Top Industry Entrepreneurs

- value: $5500 -

We’re big on collaboration over competition at SHE x SHINES, which is why we’ve built an amazing network of mentors and experts over the last 3 years... now in your pocket! Our special guest experts have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, VH1, and have scaled to 6-figures! Listen to these masterclasses at your leisure and gain insight on overcoming imposter syndrome, slaying your schedule, managing your social media, and more!

Done-For-You Templates & Resource Library

- value: $3700 -

Take a break from your furious googling for “how to create a media kit,” “beginner podcast tips,” and “free website templates.” You’ll have access to our library of templates and workbooks, to find the resource specific to your unique needs.

plus more surprises waiting inside...

We know you started off with a great business idea that has slowly turned into a time-eating side hustle, but...


...we believe you CAN grow a profitable business with ease (alongside all the other hats you wear). 

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What makes you qualified to be a business coach?

Our real-life experience as both business owners and coaches! We have a combined 10+ years of experience as business owners in multiple industries, and are passionate about helping women who are working a job while growing their business, or who are running multiple businesses. We provide results to other multipassionate women looking to grow their business without overwhelm or squirrel brain. 


What if I do a session and hate it? What's the refund policy?

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We’ll hop on a call to figure out what we can change and how to make your experience better. If we can’t come to a conclusion, we’ll be more than happy to refund you.

Will you show me how to gain more followers and more likes?

We will teach you how to create both community and the content that specific community is dying to have. We don’t focus on short term results for boosts in followers and likes. We focus on community-centric business strategies and techniques to ensure the long-term success of your business. 

Got a question? ASK US!


"It helped my brain a lot... it's also got me feeling more "into" my business instead of just someone sitting on the outside trying to run it!"

"The biggest thing you guys helped me with is consolidating my mission statement, knowing how to pitch myself. It's been so helpful. Instead of sending whole paragraphs I'm sending 2-3 sentences of who I am and what I do."

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Tamzen B.

SXS Coaching Client


APR21 IG posts (7)_edited.png

Haley D.

SXS Coaching Client

Physician Assistant Student
Owner & Designer of The Humerus Med