the Passion to Profit Playbook 

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Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm that comes with being a multipassionate entrepreneur?


If you've got questions bouncing through your brain like,

  • "How do I know what to post?"

  • "How do I talk about my business to other people?"

  • "Where should I even start when it comes to my idea?"


Then listen up, friend: this Playbook was created specifically for multipassionates just like you.

"I was struggling for the longest time to reach out to my target audience, niche down what I was passionate about and my mission statement. Thanks to these wonderful ladies I have felt more confident in what I have to offer and stand for, in serving my community, as well as creating content. 

Inside this Playbook, we’ll show you step-by-step how to:


✔️ own your unique skills & qualities that qualify you as THE expert in your industry

✔️ figure out the exact problem your business solves for others


✔️ identify the specific person or community you want to serve


✔️ create your brand values, mission, and vision


Get ready to say ‘Bye Felicia!’ to the overwhelm and frustration with the DIY business life, and hello to clarity, consistency, and confidence!

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Liz F.

SXS Coaching Client

the Self-Love Stylist

"I’ve been able to meet new women, build up my email list and begin to share my discovery call offering with people who are the most interested in my business - not just with the IG void! [SHE x SHINES has] given me a chance to connect with my ideal clients in a new way, and to continue that relationship long after the Zoom call ends."

We've helped dozens of women turn ideas into a full-time income, create a signature offer of 1:1 services and products, and ditch the DIY biz life using our Passion to Profit Playbook.

Ready to end your 1AM fight with the Google search bar?

Here’s why we know this will be the best decision for your business...

we're multipassionate like you !


Anna Laura is an award-winning brand & product photographer and Alex is the owner of a private speech pathology practice.


After connecting on Instagram while growing our own separate businesses, we realized the common struggle multipassionates encounter: trying to successfully turn your idea into a money-making offer alongside all the other hats you wear in life. (Do you keep your full time job? Quit? Start a second business? Try a new idea?!)

As SHE x SHINES founders, we've helped dozens of entrepreneurial women -- full-time employees, managing multiple businesses, pursuing higher-education degrees, growing families -- turn a time-eating side hustle into a profitable, Champagne-Dream-of-a-business, using customized strategies and systems made especially for multipassionates.

Because we know for us multipassionates, the juggle is real. That's why we’ve spent years practicing and implementing the skills we teach, so our methods are rooted in real-life research, not theory.


In 3 short years, we've taken the multipassionate entrepreneur world by storm, hosting 40+ webinars and IRL events, launching one of the only TV shows highlighting BIPOC female small-business owners, and creating a top podcast that brings you BTS with your favorite multipassionate entrepreneurs! 


We’re on a mission to help save you from all the mistakes we made starting our businesses so you don’t waste months (or years, yikes!) in a side-hustle... draining your precious time, money, and energy.


We can’t wait to see you (and your business!) shine, girlfriend!


Keep shining,

Anna Laura & Alex

"I used your excellent suggestions as a foundation and settled on my new mission statement. It has already been added to my website, IG bio, and placed at the top of my ALL NEW PRICING SHEET. I feel SO relieved knowing that if people have pricing questions, I can just send it on over!"

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SXS Coaching Client


We know you started off with a great business idea that has slowly turned into a time-eating side hustle...


...but we believe you CAN grow a profitable business with more ease alongside all the other hats you wear!

Using our Passion-to-Profit Playbook, say hello to simplicity and consistency when you know your exact offer and the specific community you serve.

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