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002. How a DM turned into a thriving community for multi-passionate women: the SXS story

002: How a DM Turned into a Thriving Community of Multipassionate Women: The SXS Story

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In this episode, we’re sharing the behind-the-scenes scoop of how SHE x SHINES started!

Let's set the scene: it's 2017, Anna Laura just moved to Philadelphia and gets a DM from a stranger asking her out for coffee... Discover how that DM turned into a friendship and grew into a successful business partnership. Join your founders, Anna Laura & Alex on their journey from speech pathology to network marketing to floundering around to running separate businesses and finally SXS! The beginning stages of growing SHE x SHINES has taught us some valuable lessons that helped laid the foundation for our mission of connection, community, and GirlTalk.


We know you’ll love these major points:

Learning when to quit.
The importance in timing.
Starting with your “why” before the “what”
How to successfully bring those online connections from the ‘gram to IRL!

Resources from this episode:

Successful Networking from Online to Offline

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Show Notes:

  • Anna Laura’s Arkansas beginnings and move to Philly (2:20)

  • Alex’s NYC roots and journey to Philly (3:00)

  • How a Facebook group led to Alex finding Anna Laura & completing a deep Instagram stalk (4:25)

  • Anna Laura searches for community, working from home full-time (7:15)

  • Two nerds bring their notebooks to a coffee date turned drinks and a new standard for business meetings was set. (8:00)

  • Laptops, champagne, and bars: how could we continue this on a larger scale to help more women (9:20)

  • “Is this business worth your time & energy?”: Feeling stuck in network marketing and how to know when it’s time to quit (12:00)

  • Months of floundering around: The ladies make a hard decision...without a solid plan (15:40)

  • Alex has an idea and starts SHE with Alex Wynter with an IG post (18:00)

  • Anna Laura makes a secret Shine Studio photography IG account (21:23)

  • The ladies start teaming up with events…”should we call it SHExSHINES?” (24:10)

  • We plan an event, that never happened (26:15)

  • “Can we streamline the way we met, to help other women in a similar position?” (28:30)

  • The normalcy in not knowing what you’re doing in the beginning stages (30:45)

  • We host our first event! (33:00)

  • How to take your online relationship into a successful IRL friendship (37:00)


| October 2017, Anna Laura & Alex meet for the first time

| March 2018, Champagne business meetings continue over the next few months

| May 2018, Alex hosts her first SHE event, Anna Laura & Alex film workout videos

| June 2018, Alex attends Anna Laura's workout & vision board event

| October 2018, Anna Laura photographs Alex's SHE event

| December 2018, Alex is a guest on Anna Laura's TV show, The Shine Studio

| January 2019, We join forces and SXS has its first event


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