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003. #NeverAlone: from surviving to thriving with Dana Donofree, Founder of AnaOno Intimates

003: #NeverAlone: surviving to thriving with Dana Donofree, Founder & CEO of AnaOno Intimates

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In today’s episode we chat with Dana Donofree, founder and CEO of AnaOno Intimates, to discover how she became a fashion designer of lingerie & loungewear for breast cancer thrivers; and the business & personal challenges faced along the way. Through AnaOno’s community and mission of “Never Alone”, Dana has provided the space for women to talk and deal with their challenges together as a community.

As fellow career women & entrepreneurs, we loved learning Dana's take on dealing with self-doubt, overcoming professional challenges, and finding your community.


We chat about:

The resources & skills needed to turn your vision into a reality.
How to balance personal challenges while growing a business.
How to get over fear & self-doubt by creating a strong mindset.
Nontraditional (but fun + effective) ways to conduct market research & find your target audience.

Resources from this episode: Metavivor

The Breasties

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Dana’s SXS Crown Diary

The Paige Wrap Sports Bra (An SXS favorite!)

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Show Notes:

  • How Dana made it from the cornfields of Ohio to high fashion, NYC life to creating a business in Philly (4:45)

  • Building up your confidence during the job search (8:20)

  • Dana’s beginning vision & business goals (10:34)

  • Finding out about her cancer diagnosis, and how it’s shaped her life today (11:09)

  • Seeking community & support while facing her diagnosis and growing a business (14:18)

  • The early days of AnaOno: How a hot flash turned into a full-fledged business (17:55)

  • Taking on market research as a design challenge (21:00)

  • Dealing with fear, self-doubt, and negative consumer comments (24:13)

  • Just starting out? - Be ready for the commitment. Set yourself up that everyday is a challenge. (28:17)

  • "I've had this idea for 10 years and don't know how to take the leap" - getting over the fear of failure. (29:00)

  • Preconceived notions & little known facts about the breast cancer community (31:28)

  • How to support AnaOno, even if you don’t have breast cancer (35:46)

  • SHExSHINES rapid fire question round (39:30)

About our guest: Dana Donofree

From designing taffeta and sequin dresses at 8 years old to graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Dana Donofree has always had fashion coursing through her veins. She conceptualized AnaOno in 2011 after dealing with her own breast cancer diagnosis and finishing her breast reconstruction surgeries. Realizing the struggle of finding a bra that not only made her feel sexy, but was comfortable and easy to put on, Dana knew she had to do something. Through AnaOno Intimates, Dana provides not only lingerie and loungewear for breast cancer thrivers, but community. She lives her business mission of #NeverAlone by supporting women feeling beautiful and to advocate and support their health initiatives, especially surrounding the unmet needs of those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Connect with Dana:


Dana’s Instagram

AnaOno Instagram



This episode was brought to you by AnaOno! Choosing AnaOno means choosing to be a part of a community of women thriving at all stages. Founder and designer Dana made it her mission to design specifically for women who have had breast reconstruction, breast surgery, mastectomy, or are living with other conditions that cause pain or discomfort, because she believes that beauty and comfort should not be a compromise. We're obsessed with the Paige Wrap Sports Bra and wear it all day without any lines or discomfort! Head here to shop $15 off for any full-priced item!

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