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004. The juggle is REAL: our take on "balance" and how we juggle everything

004. The juggle is REAL: our take on "balance" and how we juggle everything

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Join us as we talk about all things balance. Whether you're managing a full time career with a side business, or juggling multiple businesses or projects, we feel you. As a full time speech-language pathologist (Alex), and brand photographer (Anna Laura) - we understand the hard work and time that goes into growing a business, while managing a personal life! In today's episode, we're sharing exactly how we manage our businesses, careers, and personal life, with actionable tips for you to use today to let go of the perfectionism and embrace the stage you're in!

We're dropping major advice on:

How to prioritize your week to maximize work output.
Why your actions should match your business intentions & goals.
The importance of rest & downtime.

Resources from this episode:


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Show Notes

  • Does balance exist or is it all a hot mess? (2:15)

  • Anna Laura deals with wife and dog mom life, traveling, a photography biz & SXS (3:48)

  • Alex juggles a full time job, SXS, life with her fiance and new dog, and a social life (4:35)

  • Tip 1 - learn to prioritize. (6:24)

  • The importance in communication & open communication to your loved ones (10:20)

  • Tip 2 - Sacrifice. (13:05)

  • “What does a balanced life look like to you?” (14:15)

  • Tip 3 - Set work hours. (18:05)

  • The power in “busy” vs “free” using Google Cal and Calendly (19:04)

  • Tip 4 - Be realistic with your goals. (23:25)

  • “I’m going to quit my job and become a full time online coach.” Alex learns a tough lesson in setting unrealistic goals aka girlfriend you’re not putting in the real werk. (24:25)

  • “I wanted to become a full time health and wellness coach, and fitness model.” Anna Laura lays the groundwork to achieve her fitness goals and learns quitting your full time job doesn’t guarantee a matched salary and full client list. (28:45)

  • Tip 5 - Show gratitude. (33:45)

  • Tip Recap (36:20)

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