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005. How to rock the stage & multiple jobs with Shelby Wildgust, Entrepreneur & Corporate Coach

005: How to Rock the Stage & Multiple Jobs with Shelby Wildgust

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In this episode we’re joined by Shelby Wildgust: equal parts entrepreneur & passionate employee. She is the founder of Naked Networking Events, a women only, no make up, no judgement experience, hosted quarterly in Philadelphia. She is also a corporate coach & leadership trainer for Vector Marketing, the direct sales arm of Cutco Cutlery.

Shelby gives some amazing tips on how to prepare for your next speech or presentation, how to find harmony between running a business and working a full time job, and how to get over the fear of hearing ‘no,' to reach your professional goals. With our shared experiences in direct sales and public speaking, we were so ready to hear Shelby’s advice!


We know you’ll love these major points:

How to balance working a full time job and growing a business.
Major lessons learned over time that contributed to professional & personal growth.
Successful public speaking at work and at events, without losing the interest of your audience.

Resources from this episode: Stories that Stick: How Stories Can Captivate your Audience by Kindra Hall

Shelby’s SXS Academy course: 5 Tips to Rock the Stage: From the Boardroom to your First Event

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Show Notes:

  • Shelby’s dream job & business (4:10)

  • How a TedTalk led to the growth of Naked Networking (6:00)

  • Shelby finds inspo from SXS & other networking events (7:45)

  • Shelby’s beginning vision & business goals for Naked Networking (8:37)

  • Pitching Naked Networking to other businesses & dealing with fear & self-doubt (10:47)

  • How her start in direct sales laid the foundation for an entrepreneurial life (13:35)

  • Finding success from becoming solution-oriented vs. goal-oriented (16:50)

  • How she applies “harmony” vs “balance” to running a business and working a full time job. (18:40)

  • “Busy vs. Easy seasons”: Leveraging your time at your full time job to work your business (24:50)

  • A sneak peek at Shelby’s SXS Academy course on public speaking: how to prepare for your next speech, how to get started as a speaker, and how to captivate your audience’s attention during your speech (26:40)

  • SHExSHINES rapid fire question round (40:45)

About Shelby...

Shelby likes to think of herself as equal parts entrepreneur & employee who thrives in the chaos of both! Her mission is to create and cultivate offline and online communities for both women and men to step into their most authentic and raw power. In the corporate world, she works as a corporate coach & speaker on topics such as leadership development, sales management, confidence, professionalism, and embracing your inner power. She is also the founder of Naked Networking, a Philadelphia-based series of events that has a unique 'no makeup' policy, which is backed by an environment of inclusion, authenticity, & deep connection.

Connect with Shelby:


Shelby’s personal Instagram

Naked Networking’s Instagram


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