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006. Adapting to a new normal: business in a time of uncertainty

006. Adapting to a new normal: business in a time of uncertainty

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While we want our SHE x SHINES community to remain a space for community, opportunity, and positivity, we recognize that “being positive” doesn’t mean ignoring what’s happening in the world around us. We are also feeling the fear, uncertainty and worry you may be experiencing,  but what we are refusing to do is live in that fear of uncertainty. 

We wanted to show up and let you know that we hear you, and are here for you. There IS  an answer. While it may be difficult to see in the midst of chaos, acknowledging that there is an answer sheds light and helps you move in the right direction. You’re at least on a path leading out of chaos.

And that’s what we wanted to give you in today’s episode. 

Anna Laura shared her routines and advice, having worked from home for a few years now as a business owner.
Alex, currently working in the healthcare field, will also help shed some light on adapting and communication.

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • Leadership through fear & uncertainty: inspiration from John C. Maxwell (1:30)

  • Alex talks adapting routines & communication (4:00)

  • Anna Laura discusses extending grace and how SXS has had to pivot and change some business practices (10:00)

  • Alex sheds light on creating a "new normal" (16:00)

  • Anna Laura provides insight & advice on a WFH routine (20:00)

  • Communication & emotional intelligence with the people in your life from spouses to coworkers and business partners (26:20)

  • Recap: taking an inventory of your time & energy in relation to rest & creation (33:45)

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