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007. Graphic design for the non-designer with Allie Bittner, Founder of Kiss Creative Co.

007: Graphic Design for the Non-Designer with Allie Bittner, Founder of Kiss Creative Co.

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In today’s episode we chat with Allie Bittner, founder of Kiss Creative Co to learn her top graphic design tips on creating stunning visuals for a professional-looking brand.

Through Allie’s design company, she has helped dozens of female entrepreneurs tell a compelling story with her marketing graphics.

Allies gives some amazing tips on how to balance two full-time jobs, how to create a professional-looking visual brand without experience, and what to look for when hiring a graphic designer. As our very own SHExSHINES graphic designer, we're so excited to share Allie's knowledge & resources with our community!


We talk about:

Graphic design dos and dont's.
Allie's top tools & resources to make your designs truly shine.
How to communicate with your audience through visuals.

Resources from this episode:

Graphic Design Tip Sheet

Allie’s SXS Academy Course

Google Fonts

Trello for Business

Success Planner by Karlyn Percil

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Show Notes:

  • A born & bred Philly girl. Allie shares her jobs in graphic design (3:00)

  • A lot of caffeine & late nights: How Allie manages to balance two full time jobs (4:02)

  • Allie’s tips, tools, apps for making the magic happen (5:28)

  • Do it before you’re ready: Allie’s advice to women who are working a full time job and growing a business (8:30)

  • Asking for help before you need it: Allie shares her experience with needing more assistance in her business (10:00)

  • How to create systems in your business to make hiring easier (10:45)

  • Allie’s recommendations on tools to create graphics & fonts (11:45)

  • From Allie’s SXS Academy course: Graphic design dos and don'ts (14:40)

  • Allie’s favorite piece of advice from her design career (16:12)

  • What’s the vibe?: Allie’s process for connecting with her clients to determine their visual brand (17:30)

  • What to do if you’re not sure what your visual brand is (19:22)

  • Ready to hire a graphic designer? Here’s the skills & qualities to look for (21:30)

  • Where to catch up with Allie (26:40)

  • SHExSHINES rapid fire question round (27:50)

About Allie...

At Kiss Creative, every "ah-ha!" moment matters. Allie lives to capture your vision, uncover your message, and craft an aesthetic that's a true extension of who you are. She has helped dozens of ambitious entrepreneurs craft professional online marketing graphics. Her mission is to create brand and marketing graphics designed to make you say "holy crap, that's so me!" Outside of Kiss Creative, Allie lives in Philadelphia, where she works as a professional graphic designer. She's fueled by girl talk and iced coffee!

Connect with Allie:


Allie’s Instagram



And don't forget to grab Allie's graphic design resources for non-designers!

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