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008. Support & Accountability: What's a mastermind and why should you join one?

008: Support & Accountability: What's a mastermind and why should you join one?

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Sometimes the entrepreneurial journey can feel lonely and challenging, especially when you don't know where to begin or have lost your way. When we began meeting with one another several years ago for feedback, resources, and champagne, without intending to, we had created our own mastermind.

So today, we want to dive into masterminds even more, as we share the components of a good mastermind and how to find the right one. Community over competition, girlfriend!


We talk about:

Our experience with business masterminds.
What is a mastermind, its benefits, & how it works.
How to find the right mastermind for you!
A sneak peek at the SXS mastermind.

Resources from this episode:

SHE x SHINES Monthly Business To Do List

Forbes: 7 Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

The SXS Academy

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Show Notes:

  • Anna Laura’s experience with masterminds (2:38)

  • Alex’s experience with masterminds (3:30)

  • What is a mastermind?: a review of Forbes’ 7 reasons on joining a mastermind (5:15)

  • A few benefits of joining a mastermind (6:45)

  • How to find the right mastermind for you (8:22)

  • Three things to think about when joining a mastermind (9:00)

  • A built-in support squad of multipassionate woman: An SXS Mastermind (9:48)

And don't forget to grab the SHExSHINES monthly business to-do list!

This episode was brought to you by The SXS Academy! The Academy is a digital library of masterclasses and resources created by your favorite female entrepreneurs and professionals… as well as us, your SHE X SHINES founders. In the Academy, we’re all about helping you build your business or dream career with the support of your fierce crew, so you can learn how to define your target market, build a solid financial foundation for your life and biz, plan and run a successful event, rock your next speaking gig, and so much more. With three different levels of membership from 1:1 business masterminds to group coaching, we know you’ll find your place at the Academy. Head over to to learn more!


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