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009. Resilience, organization & being flexible to execute your many passions with Mackenzie Phillips

009: Resilience, Organization, & Being Flexible to Execute your Passions with Mackenzie Phillips, Attorney & Owner of Maeve40 Fitness

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In this episode, we dive in deep with Mackenzie -- she not only shares her time management tips between working as a lawyer and personal trainer, but also how she unapologetically embraces her many passions. There’s so much gold in this episode, so let’s just dive on in!


We know you’ll love these major points:

The importance in making microdecisions & learning to pivot, to reach your goals
How to stay organized with a full time job & business.
Dealing with overwhelm & burnout.

Resources from this episode: Mackenzie's Crown Diary

Maeve 40 Fitness

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Show Notes:

  • Mackenzie’s professional background: retreat leader, attorney, Spartan coach, and more! (2:20)

  • This fierce boss babe from Chicago starts a health and well business, along with working at a legal firm (3:38)

  • Mackenzie’s inspiration & passions that led her career in lawyer: from defending Martin Luther in a 4th grade presentation to supreme court simulations in college (5:00)

  • A dive into the BTS of her Crown Diary feature and how she manages a career and a business (7:25)

  • Making microdecisions to step out of the “should” in life & where she finds her supportive community (10:32)

  • Prioritizing self-care no matter your job, business, or status in your personal life (13:16)

  • Mackenzie learns a lesson in authenticity & finding meaningful work (16:13)

  • How she finds business support & meets her goals as a solopreneur (22:20)

  • Making creative space for your business: tools for editing & scheduling her content (24:20)

  • Managing social media and a career (26:00)

  • Dealing with overwhelm (27:00)

  • The importance in consistency working full-time and growing a business (27:50)

  • Be smart, take risks, have a plan, & make some money: Mackenzie’s advice for other multipassionate women working a full time job and growing a business (29:50)

  • SHExSHINES rapid fire question round (33:20)

About Mackenzie...

Mackenzie K. Phillips, executive-level practicing lawyer & owner of Maeve40 Fitness, coaches individuals and groups in Chicago, online, on the Spartan field, and around the world at destination fitness retreats. Her resume also includes Spartan SGX coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Russian Kettlebell certified instructor. Most recently, Maeve40 Fitness hosted the Wander Woman Retreat in New Buffalo Michigan in June 2019 and a series of bootcamp classes in Martha’s Vineyard in August 2019.

Growing up as a classically trained musician and dancer, Mackenzie often questioned her decision to practice law. But as she matured, she learned in the truest sense that life doesn't have to be"either/or"; it can be "both/and." After venturing into NPC Bikini Competitions, she became a NASM-CPT with the mission of starting her own health, lifestyle and fitness brand - Maeve40 Fitness.

"At Maeve40 Fitness, we challenge clients to question how their lives and their relationship with their bodies and minds would be different, if they brought the same fight they brought to everything else in their lives - and claimed it for themselves. We inspire and teach individuals to establish and maintain that fight with genetically-driven, customized training and nutrition programs."

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A gift from Mackenzie:

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