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010. Networking, Pitching, & Collaboration 101: a live SXS Masterclass

010. Networking, Pitching, & Collaboration 101: a live SXS Masterclass

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From event & swag sponsors, to venues, podcast guests & our guest lecturers we’ve landed over 50 successful collabs, plus dozens more individually in the last year alone. Being on both the sending and receiving end of things, we’ve learned so much about what works and what doesn’t when networking online, pitching yourself & collaborating with other businesses and brands. In this replay of our live webinar (originally aired 4/7/20)...

Get ready to learn how to: 

Network online with confidence
Pitch yourself in a DM or email without getting ghosted
Collaborate with sponsors & vendors
Create a media kit to help you shine

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • Alex & Anna Laura talk about their favorite moments from the live webinar (2:54)

  • New to SXS? Anna Laura & Alex introduce themselves & share some fun facts (5:07)

  • The mission of SHExSHINES & why we created it (06:14)

  • For more than bloggers & influencers: An overview of what to expect from this episode and who will benefit from listening (07:37)


  • What is confidence and the steps you can take within your brand or business to build you confidence (09:57)

  • What's the objective? Determine the reason you're DMing someone (12:20)

  • Do your research before sending the pitch (12:57)

  • Ready to send that DM? Start with why & offer something in exchange. (14:40)

  • The importance in suggesting a place & time in the DMs (15:55)

  • PART 2: NAIL THE PITCH (16:50)

  • Own it girlfriend! The importance in transparency to avoid getting ghosted (17:20)

  • Examples of pitches to avoid (19:23)

  • Pitch 1: "I have a couple things to run by you, let's connect" - We want to know who you are and why you're reaching out. (19:47)

  • Pitch 2: "Would you like to be a product tester?" - What are you selling? Is this an actual discount code or wholesale priced? (20:27)

  • Pitch 3: "We're looking to expand our business and team, and we want to connect with you." - We suggest building a relationship with someone before offering a business opportunity (21:55)

  • Pitch 4: "I know you don't know me..." - Lead with confidence. Tell us who you are and what you do. (23:33)

  • Pitches to applaud (24:45)

  • Pitch 1: "I'm head of outreach at XYZ and we believe you'd be a great fit." - We love that it's customized, detailed, and they did their research (24:50)

  • Pitch 2: "Attached to this email, you'll find my full list of services." - She shared why she admires the brand, what she does, and attached a portfolio (26:15)

  • What to include in your DMs when pitching (28:00)

  • What to include in your emails when pitching (28:55)

  • Hold up girlfriend! Before you hit send you'll want to do these few things... (32:05)

  • The fortune is in the follow up: what do I do when I'm hearing crickets & how do I know an appropriate amount of time has passed before I follow up (33:37)

  • Handling rejection: "We don't have the time." "It's not a good fit." (36:09)


  • Set expectations: promotion & marketing (37:45)

  • Communication: deadlines, event specifics (38:45)


  • Keep it simple (40:55)

  • Media kit checklist: what to include in your media kit (42:00)

  • Media kit examples: SXS, service or product-based business, blogger/brand (44:10)

  • What's the SXS Academy all about? (46:07)

  • Learn about the SXS Academy guest lecturers & their courses (48:15)

  • Live reviews from SXS Academy members (48:55)

  • THANK YOU, a mini episode recap, & a sneak peek at our June webinar (50:40)

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