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011. Making Sense of Legal Jargon to Protect your Brand with Taylor Tieman, Esq.

011. Making Sense of Legal Jargon & Protecting your Brand with Taylor Tieman, Esq.

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In this episode, we’re joined by Taylor Tieman, an attorney for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, & Influencers. She advises them on how to best protect their brands, services, products & content

In her SXS Academy course, Legal Basics for Beginning Business, Taylor provides you with the legal knowledge you need to protect your brand and intellectual property, such as business formation (aka "should I form a company or an LLC?!"), copyrights, contracts, privacy policies, trademarks, and more. If you have a website, a podcast, a side business, or anything in between, get ready to take some notes during this episode!

We talk about:

Why talking about legal things shouldn't be scary
How to be proactive about protecting your business
How to navigate changes during COVID-19
How to protect your online business
Contractual agreements and handling cancellations
Considerations when seeking an attorney

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • Arguing at a young age & a taste of consumer protection: Taylor’s inspiration for pursuing a career in law serving small businesses (3:33)

  • Taylor’s advice to women running businesses without a team (8:09)

  • "What’s the deal? Is your job like the TV show Suits?" (9:30)

  • Asking for help & implementing systems: Taylor’s biggest lesson learned so far, as an entrepreneur (12:15)

  • The #1 mistake Taylor sees entrepreneurs make (14:10)

  • Important legal issues to look out for as a business owner in a product and service-based industry (16:10)

  • What’s intellectual property and how long is the legal process to protect it? (17:04)

  • New legal considerations for businesses and brands making a pivot into the online space (20:22)

  • What to look for in a lawyer when seeking legal advice (26:29)

  • Can you be in two different states when working with a lawyer? (29:30)

  • Where to connect with Taylor (31:45)

  • SHExSHINES rapid fire question round (32:50)

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About Our Guest: Taylor Tieman

"I'm not your "normal" attorney. I'm a coffee-obsessed dog mom of two that loves Pilates, craft beer, and baseball (Go Dodgers!). I attended Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, and the University of Pennsylvania prior to that. My legal background is in consumer protection law, but I found that I could better serve business owners and entrepreneurs by sharing the legal knowledge I’ve accumulated litigating against big businesses."

Taylor loves counseling and supporting female-owned businesses by sharing her own experiences as a fellow female business owner. She uses Instagram as her main marketing tool, and as a WFH queen - you can typically find her wearing yoga pants Monday through Sunday. Taylor prides herself on the fact that her clients usually become friends after showing them seeking help from an attorney should not be scary!

Connect with Taylor:

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