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012. Client Retention through Business Changes

012: Client Retention through Business Changes

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Are you feeling the urge to share a different side of your business or maybe you realized you want to change the types of services you offer…and along with that change you’re worried your follower count will start to drop, customers will get confused, and the money will stop rolling in? Not to worry girlfriend, we’ve been there too!

In today’s episode we’re going to walk you through 3 scenarios you might encounter while making a change in your business and how to maintain your client base throughout those changes.


You'll learn how to:

Successfully maintain your customers while changing your target audience
Serve your audience better by niching down.
Develop a strong relationship with your clients.
Manage client expectations.

Resources from this episode: Article: 8 steps to Manage Your Customers Through Change

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Show Notes:

  • “I’m afraid I’ll lose my current clients or followers if I decide to change my target market.” Alex gives advice on changing your target market after going through this change recently, herself (2:40)

  • “I’m worried about losing customers if I niche down too much.” Anna Laura makes a shift with her photography niche & shares some lessons learned. (4:05)

  • How our backgrounds in speech pathology gave us experience in finding your niche (7:07)

  • “I don’t want to alienate my clients during a change in my services.” Anna Laura & Alex shares tips on how to manage clients while changing your services (8:30)

  • What are other business owners saying about managing customers through change?: A recap of our favorite tips from - 8 Steps to Manage Your Customers Through Change (11:25)

  • Tip 1: Analyze concerns from the customers’ point of view (12:00)

  • Tip 2: Manage expectations (13:32)

  • Tip 3: Develop a strong customer relationship (14:50)

  • Recap (16:50)

  • A note of encouragement to focus on finding clarity in your business (17:50)

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