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013. From Self-loathing to Unapologetically Ambitious with Lo Hixon of Passion & Growth

013. From Self-loathing to Unapologetically Ambitious with Lo Hixon of Passion & Growth

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For all our people pleasers out there and those struggling with self-acceptance, this episode is for you! We chat with our guest Lo, full time nurse and owner of self-care subscription box Passion & Growth. Lo walks us through her journey of struggling with anxiety and self doubt, and finally started asking herself the hard questions to learn what self-love and ACTUAL self-care looks like.

If you’ve ever wished someone could bundle up personal development in a box and send it right to your doorstep, Lo Hixon and her Passion & Growth subscription box are on a mission to do just that. Lo from Passion & Growth is driven by the opportunity to ensure women feel encouraged, supported, and have a safe place where they can be unapologetically ambitious, and in this episode, we dive into so much REAL, RAW goodness!


We talk about:

The importance of time & patience on the self-care journey
The journey of starting a business with a full time job
Finding balance & setting non-negotiables in your personal and professional life

Resources from this episode:

Passion & Growth Subscription Box

The SXS Academy

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Show Notes:

  • What you can expect from Passion & Growth (1:50)

  • How we met Lo (hint hint: it goes down in the DMs) (3:00)

  • Lo’s background: from Tennessee to Austin, a nurse begins her own self-care business (3:50)

  • How Lo’s personal growth journey served as inspiration for starting a subscription box company focused on self care and personal development (5:00)

  • An idea is born! (9:30)

  • Living your life for someone else? Girlfriend, we feel you! (11:15)

  • “It took me a lifetime…” - The self-care journey takes time & patience (12:20)

  • How did you decide P&G was a viable business idea? (14:20)

  • Lo walks us through the journey of starting a business, specifically subscription box-based (16:00)

  • The importance in finding community on your journey (18:55)

  • How Lo uses skills learned as a nurse, in her business Passion & Growth (19:50)

  • Finding balance between working as a full time nurse and entrepreneur (22:00)

  • Setting non-negotiables, taking rest, & creating systems: A recap on tips to find balance as a multipassionate woman (26:00)

  • Lo discovers Google Docs as a new system for organizing her business! (31:25)

  • Lo’s advice to women working full time & growing a business (34:30)

  • Lo talks about her sponsorship with The SXS Academy & gives a sneak peek into her May box and why you’re going to love it (36:40)

  • Where to connect with Lo & grab your own P&G box (38:50)

  • Rapid fire SXS question round (39:25)

About Lo...

At Passion & Growth, Lo's mission is to empower women by providing the best tools and resources in personal development, through a monthly subscription box service. She believes in lifting each other up, giving more than we take and loving ourselves unconditionally and unapologetically. After a long journey of learning to deal with self-limiting beliefs & self-acceptance, Lo wanted to give women the opportunity to feel encouraged, supported, and have a safe place where they can be unapologetically ambitious, just like she did. Outside of Passion & Growth Lo lives in Austin with her pup & partner, where she works as a full time nurse. She's fueled by good food & good friends.

Connect with Lo:



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