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014. Overcoming, Part 1: Regaining Control with Alexandria Russell, SHE x SHINES co-founder

014. Overcoming, Part 1: Regaining Control with Alexandria Russell, SHExSHINES Cofounder

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In our 2-part “Overcoming” series, Anna Laura & Alex answer some of the most common (sometimes the most dreaded) questions they get (and you’ve also probably received): Tell me about yourself. What’s one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned? What major struggles have you overcome? Your SXS founders will hit on some life highlights shall we call them.. Including moving away from home, graduating & the career path, divorce, death, aging parents, and lessons learned along the way.

In Part 1, Alex discusses her career path to landing her ideal job as a full time speech pathologist in home health, the journey to SHExSHINES, and the many bumps encountered and lessons learned along the way.


We know you'll love these major points:

Setting expectations at work
Building confidence & getting over the fear of hearing “no”
When your personal life starts to interfere with the professional life
The difference between being independent vs. being alone

Resources from this episode:

The SXS Podcast - Episode 002 | How a DM turned into a thriving community for multi-passionate women: the SXS story

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Show Notes:

  • Alex learns about support at work, forming professional relationships & how to provide care to patients: A recap of graduate school internships

  • How Alex figured out she wanted to work with adults vs. kids

  • Hear her journey from Baltimore to Philly, treating in various settings to figure out her ideal job

  • Alex decides to create and publish her own therapy material. Spoiler alert: It doesn't go as planned

  • The dive into network marketing and how that eventually led to SHExSHINES

  • Regaining control of her professional and personal life in the midst of family issues, new success at work, and the launch of a new business.

About Alex:

As an NYC native and Philly transplant, Alex has made her new home in the city of sisterly love with her fiance and dog, as a home health speech-language pathologist and entrepreneur.

While this proud career woman was scrolling the 'Gram, Alex felt there was a space missing in the social media world for career women with an entrepreneurial drive and women working multiple jobs or businesses. In 2018, Alex launched SHE with Alex Wynter - a networking & social list for professional women in the city. By joining SHE, women could connect with like-minded ladies at events around the city, for a new workout buddy or business advice.

Over the next eighteen months Alex & Anna Laura each continued on a parallel path pursuing ways to serve women- Alex through her SHE events, focusing on connecting local career women, and Anna Laura through her Shine Studio Photography, where she serves women-owned businesses through brand photography. In 2018, in the spirit of Connection, Community, and GirlTalk, the two women combined forces , and SHE x SHINES was created!

Alex continues to spread her mission that women should be proud of their multiple degrees, jobs, and certifications; and can find equal success at work and with their passions. With a little support...and a glass of champagne in hand, she believes women truly can do it all.


Connect with SHE x SHINES: visit | instagram | podcast | linkedin

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