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015. Overcoming, Part 2: Grief and Golden Girls with Anna Laura Sommer, SHE x SHINES co-founder

015. Overcoming, Part 2: Grief and Golden Girls with Anna Laura Sommer, SHExSHINES Cofounder

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In our 2-part “Overcoming” series, Anna Laura & Alex answer some of the most common (sometimes the most dreaded) questions they get (and you’ve also probably received): Tell me about yourself. What’s one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned? What major struggles have you overcome? Your SXS founders will hit on some life highlights shall we call them.. Including moving away from home, graduating & the career path, divorce, death, aging parents, and lessons learned along the way.

In Part 2, fittingly on Memorial Day, Anna Laura discusses her journey through teenage depression, losing her brother in Afghanistan, limiting beliefs and lies she’s believed, and how the multiple career changes she made in her 20s have helped shape how she shows up to serve.


We also talk about:

The true meaning of Memorial Day
Why you’re given way more than you can handle
Building inner strength through struggle and taking the leap
Overcoming lies and self limiting beliefs to create a narrative that serves you
Setting, visualizing, and actualizing goals
Putting yourself first to better serve and lead others

Resources from this episode:

The SXS Podcast - Episode 002 | How a DM turned into a thriving community for multi-passionate women: the SXS story

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Show Notes:

  • Anna Laura's Arkansas roots

  • How family dynamics, a divorce, and move to a new city shaped Anna Laura

  • Grief and Golden Girls: Anna Laura's experience with depression

  • How her brother's death impacted her, the lesson it taught her, and how it shaped who she is today

  • Ditching comfort zones: A career change from speech language pathology to fitness

  • Falling back in love with creativity and photography: Her journey to creating The Shine Studio and cofounding SHExSHINES

About Anna Laura:

Born an Arkansas farm girl and now serial entrepreneur & women's brand photographer at her company, The Shine Studio, Anna Laura loves creating spaces for creatives & professionals to shine through photography and branding.

After losing her oldest brother in Afghanistan, Anna Laura went through years of feeling lost and aimless, both personally and professionally. Being in community with other women helped her heal and grow, and she felt called to foster that space for other women, which she often does - whether in a photography sesh, SXS event, or just a good ol' coffee date!


Connect with SHE x SHINES: visit | instagram | podcast | linkedin

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