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016. How to Make Informed Money Decisions with Kristy Runzer, Owner of OnRoute Financial

016. How to Make Informed Money Decisions with Kristy Runzer, Owner of OnRoute Financial

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If the sound of balancing your checkbook or making an expense report has you running for the hills too, then this episode is for you girlfriend! Today we’re chatting with Kristy Runzer, certified financial planner and owner of OnRoute Financial as she breaks down all the basics you need to know for a solid financial foundation giving us the girlfriend’s guide to finance. Kristy works with established entrepreneurs who want to become more strategic and intentional with their finances, and who are ready to get out of overwhelm and create a simple, actionable, and fun plan for their money.

Did we just use the words ‘fun’ and ‘finances’ in the same sentence?! Yep! If you’re looking to ditch the guilt and fear around your finances and ready to get those coins in order like the queen you are, then press play!


You don't want to miss these major points:

Common financial trends among female professionals & entrepreneurs
Why your business and passion projects should have a solid financial foundation
How to set realistic & attainable money goals
Knowing the right time for a business bank account

Resources from this episode:

You are a Badass at Making Money

Laying your Financial Foundation: Kristy’s course at The SXS Academy

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Show Notes:

  • Kristy’s journey to full time entrepreneurship. Spoiler alert: it includes starting over.

  • Her advice on going from full time employee to full time entrepreneur

  • Permission to cut things out: Kristy’s new chapter of motherhood and how life has changed as a business owner

  • Go BTS of Kristy’s course at The SHExSHINES Academy: Laying your Financial Foundation

  • Kristy share’s the most common trends she sees with female professionals & entrepreneurs

  • How to build a strong financial foundation & set money goals

  • How to develop a healthy money mindset

  • Kristy shares her advice for those interested in saving money for & investing into their business

  • Her recommendation for when to seek professional financial help: the difference between a Financial Coach, Financial Planner, CFA, and CFO.

  • How Kristy finds connection, community, and gets her fill of girltalk: Rapid fire SXS question round

About Kristy...

Kristy is a financial planner for female entrepreneurs who are working towards big goals, but are stuck with their money. She helps create a holistic, simple, and actionable financial plan that will let you know exactly what to do with your money and make intentional financial decisions. Her mission at OnRoute Financial is to help you learn how to strategically manage your money so you can create your dream life, all while feeling good and supported.

Connect with Kristy:




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