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017. Three steps to discover your ideal target audience

006. Three steps to discover your ideal audience

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In today's episode we are chatting about how to discover your ideal audience and why you need this information to grow a brand. In the last few days as the support and recognition of black creators, professionals, & entrepreneurs has grown - you've probably gained a ton of new followers OR your feed has grown to include some new faces. We know how important it is for you to figure out who you’re talking to in order to give clarity and direction on how to improve your service or know what product your community needs. When you know how to speak directly to your audience through social media or marketing copy, it converts followers into clients, and clients into raving fans.

We're dropping major advice on:

How to get specific with who you’re serving
How to captivate your audience’s attention
How to stand out from others in your market

Resources from this episode:

5 Questions to get determine your Ideal Audience (DOWNLOAD this free bonus!)

The SXS Academy Brand Foundations Bundle

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Show Notes

  • Tip 1: Time to get specific - when we try to help everyone, you actually help no one (2:34)

  • How to use your mission statement to get specific (3:50)

  • What’s an avatar and how can you use one to get specific in your business (4:10)

  • Using an empathy map to define your avatar (5:30)

  • Questions to ask yourself to get started on defining your avatar (6:35)

  • Tip 2: Captivating your audience’s attention (8:00)

  • Defining an experience for your audience & showing them you care (8:35)

  • Tip 3: How to stand out (9:30)

  • Different ways to use market research online and IRL (9:50)

  • Identifying your voice online: How do you speak to your audience? Sassy or sweet? (11:15)

  • Why are we niche-ing down again? (13:00)

  • Recap (13:30)

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