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019. Meet The SXS Academy Members with Alisa Kahn, Marketing Manager + Lifestyle Blogger

019. Meet The SXS Academy Members with Alisa Kahn, Marketing Manager + Lifestyle Blogger

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Alisa Kahn is a marketing manager and lifestyle blogger sharing her everyday resources & tips on living a “lifestyle well spent.” In today’s episode Alisa goes BTS of her experience in The SXS Academy, what she’s found most valuable, and how her brand has evolved since joining us. We know you’re going to love hearing how she juggles it all while managing to land major collabs growing her blog!


We talk about:

How to manage a full time job & blogging
Why Alisa joined The SXS Academy & how it's helped her brand growth
Tips on organization, posting, and pitching to brands

Resources from this episode:

The SHExSHINES Academy

Alisa's Crown Diary feature

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Show Notes:

  • From working ski & golf resorts in the Poconos to a city life in Philadelphia working in marketing and project management

  • “I didn’t have the guts or the community.” Alisa’s journey to blogging

  • Alisa’s long term vision for A Lifestyle Well Spent & building her community online

  • Get SMART: How Alisa sets & achieves her goals for her blog

  • Why Alisa joined The Academy & the market research she did before joining

  • Opening the doors for everyone: accessibility to help and resources in the Academy

  • Media Kit Templates & the Foundation Bundle: Alisa’s favorite part about The Academy

  • How her brand has evolved since joining The Academy

  • How she manages her marriage, job, and blog: Alisa’s advice for women working full time and growing a blog

  • Rapid fire SXS question round

About Alisa...

Alisa is a marketing manager, plus lifestyle blogger and "life-sharer". Her typical week could include bringing her audience along to a Philly food and wine event, or a not-so-glamorous story about her dog and how he ate the pancake mix out of our moving boxes.

Over the last year in The SXS Academy, Alisa has landed new brand partnerships including Blueprint and Winc, as well as grown her confidence posting and sharing her expertise with others. Her blog is your go-to resource to find everything you need from fashion to food, to live a "lifestyle well spent."

How Alisa is playing a role in Black Lives Matter:

Online: Watching Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

Offline: Listening to Unlocking Us by Brene Brown: Episode with Ibram X. Kendi, Episode with Laverne Cox, Listening to Anti-Racism Listening List by Audible, Having difficult conversations with family members to share and teach what she's learned

Connect with Alisa:




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