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023. Meet The SXS Academy Members with Shernale Kennedy, Engineer + Personal Trainer

023. Meet The SXS Academy Members with Shernale Kennedy, Engineer + Personal Trainer

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Have a grand vision of your life, but feeling stuck? Consider yourself ambitious? Have a hard time saying no? Then get ready girlfriends, because this episode is for you! Listen in, as we take you BTS of a 2:1 Strategy Session call with one of our VIP members of The SXS Academy , Shernale - super mom of 2, personal trainer, and engineer who has the goal to grow her fitness business to one day work for herself, who at her core really wanted to know: “Holy hell, where do you start?!”

You’ll hear real-life experiences of what it’s like juggling a full time job & business, as well as tangible tips and takeaways on how to find balance, create consistency, and create a solid foundation for a growing business while working.


We provide strategies & tips on:

How to prioritize & delegate
How to break down your daily schedule to get personal & business tasks done

Resources from this episode:

The SXS Academy

Balancing Tips: An SXS Academy Resource

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Show Notes:

  • Shernale’s progress & growth following her SXS Academy action plan

  • Finding confidence online

  • Time management tips

  • How Shernale is handling life as a mom, engineer, and personal trainer

  • Shernale’s long term goals for her career & business

  • Ditching the self-judgement to accomplish your goals

  • Alex provides a detailed schedule breakdown to help Shernale manage mom life, a full time job, and a business

About Shernale...

Shernale is a full time engineer, personal trainer, and mom. Her business, Engineered 2B Fit provides community, stress relief, and accountability for busy adults looking to reprioritize their fitness and healthy living. Through her personal training sessions, Shernale helps those without the resources to invest in gym membership find success with weight loss, strength, and unselfishly prioritizing yourself.

Connect with Shernale:




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