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024. Why networking is so important to your brand & business

024. Why networking is so important to your brand & business

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We’ve been there and done that with the fluorescent lit, stuffy, card-swapping networking events and want you to know there’s a better way out there! Meet our brand avatar Autymn Lucy and follow her through a cringe-worthy networking event. We’ve experienced the amazing personal & professional benefits of networking and want to share with you exactly why it’s so essential to the growth of your brand & business.

We talk about

Our cringe-worthy networking experiences
4 ways networking is beneficial to your growth
How to make networking less scary

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • Meet our avatar, Autymn Lucy and follow her along a truly cringe-worthy networking event

  • How to make networking less scary

  • 4 ways networking helps your professional growth

  • You're able to socialize and connect with like minded women

  • You learn from others IRL.

  • You open the door for collaboration & employment opportunities.

  • You get to practice your pitch

  • How we met & what our support squad looks like

  • Episode recap

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