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026. Creating influence: the hard truth about being an influencer

026. Creating influence: the hard truth about being an influencer

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We want to preface this entire episode with this: we want to see you succeed. Whatever dreams have been placed on your heart, we want you to go after them— and in the process, we want you to value yourself and the most precious resource you’ve been given: your time. That said, we’ll be laying down some hard facts that aren’t often addressed in the online space - being underpaid as an influencer.

Now, depending on your mission or whether you’re building a business or just dabbling in a hobby - you may have a completely different reaction to this. So today, we are really speaking to those women out there who are looking to truly create something of their own with the long-term goal of not having to rely on other businesses for content or money.

We talk about

How much influencers actually make
Lessons learned from past collabs
How to build influence around something you own

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • How much influencers make

  • Meet Mallory: 27.2k Instagram followers, 109k YouTube subscribers

  • Meet Ava: 30.2K Instagram followers

  • Meet Sarah & Safiyah: 12.1K Instagram followers

  • Anna Laura & Alex’s experience with brand collaborations

  • A framework to help you decide: to collab or not collab

  • Figure out your own goals

  • Determine what stage you’re in: beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • Audit your resume & rates

  • Use social media as leverage

  • How to build influence around something you own

  • Connect with your audience

  • Tell a story

  • Put others first

  • Tips on creating something for your brand

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