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027: It's not about you: is your pride interfering with decision making? with Vitina Blumenthal

027. It's not about you: is your pride interfering with decision making? - with Vitina Blumenthal

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You know here at SXS, we share the good, bad, glittery, and everything in between. And real talk, girlfriend, this pandemic ish hit HARD. Let’s face it, separating yourself from your biz can be tough...that’s why we loved this conversation with Vitina.

Vitina gets real with us on the tough decisions you might have to make as a multipassionate entrepreneur deciding when to pivot or rest, as well as her internal process on dealing with perfectionism and doubt along the way.


We talk about:

How to pivot your business during COVID
How internal branding plays a role in your business
Tips on silencing your inner critic & ditching perfectionism
The importance in separating yourself from your business

Resources from this episode:

Vitina’s Brand Alignment Guide

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Show Notes:

  • Vitina’s background in design

  • A self-discovery journey to India

  • The impact of COVID: Closing down a business & making a shift

  • A mission to help people heal themselves

  • Is the energetic investment worth it?: How to know when to pivot or hold

  • Know your numbers!

  • Focus as a multipassionate woman: “Not all your passions need to be speaking at once.”

  • Getting clear on your internal branding stage: who do you serve, how can you fuse your passions with serving others, what need are you filling

  • The biggest lesson Vitina has learned: how to build a business around your dream client

  • Vitina’s advice on how to figure out the best way to serve your dream client: market research & know what makes you stand out

  • Different ways to complete market research

  • Perfectionism & Getting Stuck: The biggest struggle with mindset that Vitina has seen in her community

  • “It’s not about you.”: Are you attaching your identity to your business?

  • Where to connect with Vitina

  • Rapid fire SXS question round

About Vitina...

Vitina is a self-discovery practitioner, branding expert, entrepreneur, podcaster, and co-founder of Align Creative Minds.

"My passion is helping Soulpreneurs like you discover your inner greatness and live your best life by finding your authentic, confident voice; tapping into vast reserves of clarity, focus & creativity, and silencing the inner critic that lives inside all of us and destroys our dreams. My approach uses methods from self-development and Eastern mindfulness traditions brought into the reality of our modern Western lifestyle."

Vitina's life's work is helping people from the inside out. She felt naive to think she could do it all by herself. That's why she intentionally aligns with wellness and spirituality clients to serve bigger together.

Her second cohort of Abundant Brand 101 is starting in the fall. This is for spiritual and wellness entrepreneurs (Soulpreneurs) who are looking to start their business or uplevel their existing brand. Vitina will help YOU overcome imposter syndrome, build a business that’s in alignment with your purpose, and get more abundance doing what you love all while creating a positive impact in your client’s lives.

How Vitina is playing a role in Black Lives Matter:

Donation to scholarship program through Rachel Rickett’s program: Spiritual Activism 101

Donation to Unite for Tomorrow.

Joining “The Great Unlearn” to continuously educate myself.

Uncomfortable conversations and continuously looking at where I’ve been ignorant in my life.

Connect with Vitina:






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