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028. Bizcation: BTS of creating a business, brand, & marketing strategy

028. Bizcation: BTS of creating a business, brand, & marketing strategy

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Whether with a biz partner or you’re rocking it as a solopreneur, having a bizcation is something you can do quarterly to make sure your branding, content, and business strategy are all in alignment and most importantly reflective of what your brand stands for.

Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes on how we structure our bizcations ( (™ lol)). Due to corona things got pushed back a little bit later than we liked, but we were so happy to have 5 days of the ultimate business slumber party in Philly with champagne, laptops, pizza, and photoshoots (sneak peek at the end of this post!).

We believe a bizcation helps keep the business running smoothly, ensures you’re on track with goals or if you need a reset, and that you’re not missing any key pieces to the puzzle.

We are going to quickly review 3 topics you can cover during your own bizcation!

You don't want to miss the details on

Brand strategy: company values, ideal audience & customer experience
Business strategy: business plan and goal setting
Content & marketing strategy: content creation and photoshoots

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • A mini recap of our weekend in Philly & what is a "bizcation"

  • Podcast review shoutout to Bre51

  • Brand Strategy

  • Ideal Client

  • Company values

  • Customer experience

  • Business Strategy

  • Business plan

  • Short term & Long term goals

  • The champagne dream

  • Content & Marketing Strategy

  • Caption creation

  • Philly photoshoot

  • The importance of accountability

  • The SXS Academy

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Bizcation Photoshoot BTS

Photography by LC Photographic

Models: SXS Founders Anna Laura & Alex (first picture), Academy members LaToya, Victoria, and Genna (3rd picture from left to right)


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