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029. Hiring, firing, and agile marketing with Janet Mesh, CEO of Aimtal

029. Hiring, firing, and agile marketing with Janet Mesh, CEO of Aimtal

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Hand up if, when COVID hit, all your events, plans, posts, even some goals for 2020 went out the window? Yeah, girl. SAME. So…What do we do?!

We quickly thought: hey, wouldn’t a virtual event be amazing? We could still have the bubbly and connection, but be able to connect with so many more ladies across the country (and as it turns out, the globe)... so that’s precisely what we did!

As it turned out, what we did then was a great example of agile marketing. Haven’t heard of it? Yeah, neither have we until we chatted with Janet Mesh -- the CEO and cofounder of Aimtal: a digital + content marketing agency.


We talk about:

A framework for prioritizing business tasks
Tips on building a team: hiring & firing
What is agile marketing
How to launch a new product or service

Resources from this episode:




Sprout Social

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Show Notes:

  • Janet’s beginnings: from IT to a 4 month break in South America

  • BTS of working with your significant other

  • Advice to women going full time in entrepreneurship

  • Janet's framework for prioritizing business tasks

  • Tips on hiring & firing

  • Establishing core values

  • How do you want business to operate

  • Assess level of support given to employees

  • Getting clear on who you are + what you stand for: Biggest lesson learned as a business owner

  • Mission of Aimtal & who they serve

  • WTH is agile marketing?!

  • Marketing plan for launching a new service or product

  • Start with ideal audience & create a profile: empathetic marketing

  • How do you fit into their world? May only be 10 mins but what’s your role?

  • Pick 1 or a few platforms that play to your strengths

  • Tools to help with marketing

  • Trello

  • Sprout Social

  • Free Hubspot

  • Clockify

  • Connect with Janet for 30 min consultation call

  • Rapid fire SXS question round

About Janet...

Janet is the CEO + Co-Founder of Aimtal. She works directly with clients to provide exceptional digital and content marketing services.

Janet was born and raised in Boston, MA then headed slightly north to the University of New Hampshire. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Marketing.

Janet’s passion for marketing didn’t stop after college or many internships related to the field. Upon graduation, she worked for an IT staffing firm and helped grow its marketing strategies and department.

After three years with the firm, Janet craved flexibility and creativity. She traveled through South America for four months and upon her return to Boston, she started freelancing. Janet worked with various clients providing digital and content marketing services. After two years of full-time freelancing, Janet decided to start Aimtal with her business partner. Together, they provide digital marketing services to their clients.

How Janet is playing a role in Black Lives Matter:

Donations to Colors of Change, NAACP, and the Atlassian Racial Justice Fund.

Janet is also on the journey to becoming more intentional with purchases to support BIPOC businesses.

Connect with Janet:






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