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032. Creating systems to simplify your life & business: webinar replay

032. Creating systems to simplify your life & business: webinar replay

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In the replay of our September Masterclass , we’re talking all about reducing overwhelm by creating Systems. We know, we's not the most exciting or cool part of running a brand! But it is necessary! We’ll walk you through the exact process we've used to create and refine our systems over time, and lessons we've learned (the hard way), so you can add more time and ease into your workflow and LIFE!

As multipassionate women, the most precious asset we have is our TIME. If you're spending your time planning how to plan, or spending it making the same errors or constantly asking yourself "wait, how did I do this last time?!", then this masterclass is for you!


We talk about:

How to successfully plan & time-block for effective scheduling
Apps & tools to organize content, contacts, and daily to-dos across multiple social media accounts

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • Why create systems?

  • Identify urgent tasks vs. busy work.

  • Take vacation without worry.

  • Simplify your to-do list & decrease overwhelm.

  • How to create systems

  • Tools to create systems

  • GoogleCal

  • Trello

  • Organizing contacts, content, and to-dos

  • Tools to organize

  • AirTable tutorial

  • Tour of GoogleDrive

  • Saving your time

  • Planoly, Plann, Hootsuite

  • Key tips and takeaways


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