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035. Becoming an expert brand storyteller with Vasavi Kumar, licensed therapist + mindset coach

035. Becoming an expert brand storyteller with Vasavi Kumar, licensed therapist + mindset coach

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When life or biz gets complicated, do you find yourself turning to others to figure things out-- like who you are, what you’re doing, etc? In this ep we’re talking with Vasavi Kumar - Licensed Therapist, Mindset Coach + Founder of Mind Your Own Business Membership Community. We chat about how to really find your zone of genius (with actionable steps on how to determine who you are), how to get honest with yourself in order to find your voice, and show up as the storyteller and woman you want to be!


We talk about:

The number 1 block sharing your story online
How to find your voice as an online storyteller
How to get over the fear of what others think
How to find meaningful work as a multipassionate woman

Resources from this episode:

Vasavi’s Academy course - Sharing your Story Online with Confidence:

Mind Your Own Business community by Vasavi

1:1 High-Touch Mindset + Business Coaching with Vasavi

Hit Publish Mastermind with Vasavi (*only 5 spots left as of 10/12/20) early bird pricing ends 10/15/20

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Show Notes:

  • Vasavi’s background & journey to entrepreneurship: overcoming mistakes, sobriety & recovery

  • How Vasavi helps others to find their voice as storytellers online and the number 1 block she has seen women experience

  • Vasavi’s advice on getting past your mental blocks

  • Tips on juggling it all as an entrepreneur

  • How to share your experiences & vulnerable moments without fear of what others think

  • The Mind Your Own Business community

  • Advice on helping multipassionate women feel good and do meaningful work

  • Mindset tips for storytelling

  • Where to connect with Vasavi

  • SXS Rapid Fire question round

About Vasavi...

Vasavi is a first-generation Indian-American born and raised on Long Island, NY as the daughter of immigrants. Vasavi holds dual Masters degrees in Special Education from Hofstra University and Social Work from Columbia University. Her ambitions are focused on helping her clients overcome imposter syndrome by clarifying their message and confidently sharing their stories both on and offline.

She is the Former Co-Host of Studio 512, a lifestyle and entertainment morning show in Austin, TX. She's been featured in The Wall Street Journal, FOX, VH1, and was a regular on NBC’s Kansas City Live as the “Keepin’ It Real Guru.” She believes that when you cultivate a solid relationship with yourself, you can do, be and have anything you want.

Connect with Vasavi:





How Vasavi is playing a role in BLM:

Vasavi has created and continues to provide an inclusive and supportive space for Black women through her content, coaching, and groups. She continues to do the inner work as well as hold the hard conversations to hold others accountable to their actions and words.


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