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041. Stay focused & motivated using a two word story with Alia Sobel

041. Stay focused & motivated using a two word story with Alia Sobel

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As a multipassionate woman, we know you’re juggling so many roles: from your relationships, family, multiple hats you were in your career or businesses. But how often do you check in with yourself?

As we gear up for the holidays and into a new year, we know how important it is to check in with your own mindset and goals. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce today’s guest, Alia Sobel, creator of the Two Word Story, a mindset movement which stemmed from her own personal life struggles. She is also the very definition of multipassionate, as she’s a mom, yoga instructor, mentor, a blogger, and a business owner.

In this ep, we talk about how identifying your own personal mantra can help you to stay motivated, focused and positive-- no matter what hat you’re wearing at the moment!


We talk about:

How the Two Word Story Mindset Movement can help you reach your goals
Creating a personal mantra
How to identify your blocks & get past them
How to stay grounded through change

Resources from this episode:

1:1 Success is Simple coaching program with Alia: a 6 week phase by phase program including heart math to remove blocks, manifest your magic & create the expansion you always dreamed of in your life.

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Show Notes:

  • Alia’s background and what made her take the leap into entrepreneurship

  • How the Two Word Story Movement started

  • Alia’s advice to women who want to pursue their passions

  • Tap into journaling

  • Tap into community

  • You have to want to find your purpose

  • Therapy and ask for help

  • How Alia juggles all the hats she wears as a multipassionate woman

  • How to identify mindset blocks & move past them

  • Common struggles multipassionate women face & tips on how they can better juggle all their roles

  • Connecting to your Two Word Story to grow a brand online

  • Where to connect with Alia

  • SXS Rapid Fire question round

About Alia...

Alia Sobel is a Philadelphia-based success coach that enjoys helping people unlock the simple ways of finding success. She is a mom, yoga instructor, mentor, blogger, business owner, and the proud creator of Two Word Story.

This mindset movement is a simple, potent, & powerful mindset mantra, created by you, titling your story for your day with two words. Two Word Story is shared through social media, monthly events, interactive workshops, and 1:1 coaching.

Connect with Alia:





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