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047. CEO mindset shifts to adapt and succeed with Zen, CEO and founder of Fason De Viv

047. CEO mindset shifts to adapt and succeed with Zen, CEO and founder of Fason De Viv

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So you want to start a business… what are some things you need? A website, logo, giant Instagram following? Our guest today is here to tell you what you actually need. And it’s probably not what you think. As a new entrepreneur, we know how easy it is to get distracted by things that, ultimately, won’t make the biggest impact on your business.

In today’s ep we chatted with Zen, founder & CEO of Fason De Viv, a global curated marketplace providing an innovative platform for makers to thrive, by stocking the world's best independent brands under one roof. As you’ll learn, when you focus more on your mindset than your strategy, your entrepreneurial potential has the power to weather any storm.


We talk about:

How she went from a nurse to a CEO in the retail industry
How brands can get their products in retail stores
How business owners can stay innovative & resilient during COVID
Resources to build a positive mindset

Resources from this episode:

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Show Notes:

  • Zen’s background in business and entrepreneurship

  • Her journey to opening a store in the fashion district in Center City, Philly

  • A visit to Haiti: The inspiration and mission behind Fason De Viv

  • Recent win and lesson learned working in the retail industry

  • How to pitch a company

  • How COVID impacted Zen’s business & her advice to other small business owners on staying innovative and resilient throughout this time

  • Resources to adapt and build a positive mindset

  • Where to connect with Zen and her new feature in Essence magazine

  • SXS Rapid Fire question round

About Zen...

Hanifah aka Zen learned the retail trade in 2012 by helping a friend with visual merchandising and inventory purchasing and management for t-shirt store. Then in 2014, Zen opened her own women's apparel boutique in West Philly called "The A-List Look," followed by a relocation to Old City in 2015.

In 2016, Hanifah decided to rebrand The A-List Look. She changed her business name to Fason De Viv highlighting clothes designed by her and her mother along with other local brands. In early 2017, Hanifah took another leap of faith. to focus on tech and develop a new business model - the Fason De Viv Headquarters space - A Global Online Curated Marketplace providing a platform for Independent Brands to thrive by stocking the world's best Independent brands under one roof.

With a history of web building, and learning all tech she found her true passion.

Connect with Zen:







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