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049. Marketing multiple offers strategically for successful sales with Kristen Kacinski

049. Marketing multiple offers strategically for successful sales with Kristen Kacinski

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How do you show up online while marketing multiple offers strategically for successful sales? Our guest, Kristen Kacinski helps coaches scale from $0 to 6-figures and everywhere in between with organic marketing strategies. From creating a customer journey, do’s and don’ts of successful selling on social media, investing in a mentor, and more, if you’ve been wanting a strategy to take your sales from “unseen” to YAS QUEEN, then we know you’re going to love this episode.


We talk about:

Lessons learned from the corporate world to take into entrepreneurship
How to market multiple offers as a multipassionate woman
Successful selling on IG
Investing in your business: mentors & books

Resources from this episode:

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Show Notes:

  • Kristen’s background in business and entrepreneurship

  • Her advice to women wanting to go full time with their passion

  • Biggest lesson learned from corporate world that’s bled into life as a business owner

  • Marketing & sales tactics for the multipassionate woman with multiple offers

  • Can you change your offers?

  • Dos and donts for successful selling on IG

  • Business nonnegotiables

  • Investing in your business with mentors

  • Books and podcasts

  • Journaling prompt

  • What question could someone ask me that I could talk 30-60minutes on?

  • Why am I a badass woman? / What are my amazing skills?

  • Where to connect with Kristen

  • SXS Rapid Fire question round

About Kristen...

"In July of 2019 I quit my job to start my online coaching business and quickly scaled from $0 to $10K months in just 90 days! It truly seemed like I beat the odds too, considering I only had an audience of 1,000! You might be thinking -- that isn’t normal. And friend, you’re absolutely right! It’s NOT normal to scale that quickly. And that’s why they call me the #SalesUnicorn!"

My #SalesUnicorn secret is a combination of magnetic content & authentic selling in the Instagram DMs! Now I teach coaches like you how to start & scale your business to consistent $5K and even 5-figure months on Instagram."

Connect with Kristen:





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