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053. Building brand equity as a new business and community -centric marketing with Becky Pleat

053. Building brand equity as a new business and community-centric marketing with Becky Pleat

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If you’ve been contemplating finding a business partner, creating a branded product, or wondering how you’re going to juggle your full time career with launching your business, then hang tight, because Becky Pleat, CEO & Cofounder of Protein Powerball is dropping some major knowledge to help you gain some major clarity. Hey service-based entrepreneurs, listen in because this episode is filled with some big takeaways for you too!


You don't want to miss:

The beginning steps when developing a product
Creating a matrix table: how to give yourself a competitive advantage
Community-centric sales & marketing strategy
How to build brand equity

Resources from this episode:

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Show Notes:

  • Becky’s background in pharmacy and her jump into entrepreneurship

  • How Protein Power Ball started

  • Tips for a successful business partnership

  • How to work full time while growing a business

  • Beginning strategy when developing a product

  • How to help your product stand out in saturated market

  • Creating a product matrix table

  • Marketing strategy

  • Building brand equity

  • Where to connect with Becky

  • SXS Rapid Fire Question round

About Becky...

"Prior to starting Protein Power Ball, I was working as a pharmacist in the Biotech industry. I like to think that my background in health care had an impact on the way I view the foods we eat, and how that affects our overall health. Throughout my pharmacy training, I had the opportunity to work directly with patients that had chronic health conditions and saw first-hand how valuable it was to have a wholesome approach to healthy living.

Realizing the relationship between the foods we ate and how it made us feel, my partner Aakash and I started incorporating more plant-based foods into our diet. The problem was finding these superfood snacks that could easily be eaten on the go, and most importantly tasted great. Aakash and I were always looking for healthy snacks to bring with us during work trips, but often we were stuck with snacks that either didn’t make us feel great or were loaded with unhealthy ingredients.

When we would find the rare “healthy” snack in an airport, it was either not satisfying or didn’t have enough protein to keep us full. We saw a huge unmet need in the health food space that centered on having access to delicious, convenient snacks made with plant-based ingredients. I turned to my kitchen cabinets and started mixing together ingredients I consumed every day. I started making these nutrient dense “power balls” that were packed with protein and extremely satisfying- without adding any additional sugar or anything artificial. They became a staple for Aakash and I when we traveled and kept us from snacking on empty calories or sugary snacks.

We knew these could help so many people who were faced with the same problem as we were. Soon after we started making them, we decided to start the journey of bringing Protein Power Ball to the people that need it most!"

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