058. Podcasting 101: planning and launching your podcast

058. Podcasting 101: planning and launching your podcast

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If you’ve ever thought... wouldn’t it be cool if I started a podcast, hit play girlfriend. In this episode, we’re sharing a mini-guide on taking that podcast idea to published and ready for listening! When we started SHExSHINES we knew a podcast was in our future, we just didn’t have all the details yet and the timing wasn’t right but it was definitely part of the big SXS vision. And it turned out the timing was right for us - just about 1 year ago when we launched with 4 episodes. 54 episodes later, we’ve learned a few things and want to make sure you start your podcast with more ease & less of wanting to throw your laptop out the window.


We talk about:

The steps planning your podcast
Equipment & software for recording, editing, & publishing
Planning & creating your episodes
Tips on promoting your podcast

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • Planning your podcast: planning questionnaire

  • Equipment & miscellaneous items to prep for launch

  • Planning to publish your episodes

  • Equipment for recording, editing, and publishing

  • Planning and creating your episodes

  • Recording your episodes

  • Promoting your podcast

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