059. How to Turn Your Passion Project Into a Small Business with Brittany Floyd

059. How to Turn Your Passion Project Into a Small Business with Brittany Floyd

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If last year taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. We all learned to swivel, pivot, and adjust. Maybe you handled it gracefully, maybe you wallowed a bit before making adjustments, but we all got through it one way or another. Right?!

The ability to juggle and adapt is something every entrepreneur will tell you is so important. But what happens when you’ve developed multiple brands in a space that was possibly one of the most impacted by Covid… the travel industry. What do you do...you pivot!

Today we’re chatting with Brittany Floyd, and learning how this serial entrepreneur found her place in corporate, while still keeping her entrepreneurial spirit thriving.


We talk about:

Brittany’s process for turning a passion into a business
Juggling life in the corporate world with a newly launched business
Tips on breaking into the travel & hospitality industry
Time management & avoiding burnout

Resources from this episode:

  • Wanderlust Table - Brittany's newest business: a card game and community about connection, awareness, inspiration and thinking deeper about travel

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Show Notes:

  • An accidental entrepreneur: Brittany’s career journey and leap into entrepreneurship

  • Going back to school to get her MBA

  • Juggling school with her entrepreneurial side

  • How to prioritize your schedule

  • Tips for avoiding burnout

  • Misconceptions about the tourism and hospitality industry; and how to be successful

  • Brittany’s big lesson learned in entrepreneurship

  • Where to connect with Brittany

  • SXS Rapid Fire Question Round

About Brittany...

Brittany Global is a social entrepreneur and marketer. She has developed 4 brands in the tourism & hospitality industry and is currently pursuing her MBA. She has been to over 40 countries, is extremely curious, and loves connecting people.

Connect with Brittany: