060. How to improve your productivity, mindset, and motivation

060. How to improve your productivity, mindset, and motivation

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You know our mission at SXS is to help you grow an engaged community who needs what you have to offer, plus help you create and maintain connections, so others are excited to collaborate and work with you. But that goes for us too! Last year when one of our former SXS coaching clients, Kelly from D20 Theory, asked us to be a part of her Productivity & Tea Series, we were so grateful to join and share our resources and tips with her community!

If using systems & tools in your biz or staying motivated & consistent is something you’ve been struggling with, then this episode is just for you gf!


We talk about:

The systems and tools we use to help with our productivity and mindset
How to pivot & adapt our business during civil unrest, politics, & a public health crisis
Books & quotes that keep us motivated

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • Our favorite systems & tools to help with productivity and mindset

  • Ways we learned to pivot and adapt our business to the social and political climate

  • Books and quotes that keep us motivated

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