069. Communication and collaboration tips for a successful biz partnership

069. Communication and collaboration tips for a successful biz partnership

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Something we’ve come to love at SXS is ongoing collaborations with some pretty remarkable women, like multimedia content producer and entrepreneur Jessica Rosado, who you’ll hear a bit from today. You may remember her from Ep 037 of the SXS podcast or you’ll get to know her in an upcoming ep of the SXS Show on Comast RISE.

And in the spirit of collaboration, last year, we had the opportunity to be guests on the first season of her podcast, The Digital Coffee Date (formerly A woman’s worth podcast) which provides a weekly dose of incredible stories with women who are making a powerful global footprint. On the digital coffee date, currently in its 2nd season, Jessica shares conversations with different women from all walks of life, including their experiences through both successes and failures alike. These stories empower and encourage the female footprint in a society originally structured for them to fail.

We were so honored to be featured as guests when the show was in its first season, and we wanted to bring back this interview!

So with this ep of the SXS podcast, you’ll hear:

How we connected & the roots of SXS
How to communicate and collaborate with your biz partner
What women take away from the SXS community
Challenges faced & lessons learned when creating a business
Advice to someone looking to take the leap into entrepreneurship


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