070. Imposter syndrome and how to deal

070. Imposter syndrome and how to deal

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Imposter Syndrome is something you will likely experience any time you’re learning something new, or putting yourself out there in a new way. It’s scary, and acknowledging that “new” can have a level of fear is OKAY.

Girlfriend, let’s face it: As an entrepreneur, you'll likely feel like an imposter at least 12 times A DAY. Especially as a multipassionate woman… you’ve got big feelings around whether or not you’re able to convey all your ideas. Does your messaging make sense to anyone else outside of your own head?

We want to share with you:

Stories of imposter syndrome from a few familiar people (ahem, it’s not just us, y’all)
Mindset exercises you can whip out to help you get past moments of doubt
Practical resources and tools we love when faced with these feelings of fraud


Resources from this episode:

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