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079. The number 1 block keeping you from sharing your story online with Vasavi Kumar

079. The number 1 block keeping you from sharing your story online with Vasavi Kumar, from The SXS Show on Comcast RISE

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The SHE x SHINES Show takes you behind-the-scenes of building a brand that shines, featuring conversations with other women who have been there, built that, and are paying it forward. On the show, you'll find endless resources, actionable advice, and a support squad to cheer you on and give you insight as you grow through business (and life!).

When life or biz gets complicated, do you find yourself turning to others to figure things out-- like who you are, what you’re doing, etc? In this ep we’re talking with Vasavi Kumar - founder of the Real Rich community, retired therapist and former TV host. We chat about how to really find your zone of genius, how to get honest with yourself in order to find your voice, and show up as the storyteller and woman you want to be.

Must-hear moments:

The number 1 block sharing your story online
How to find your voice as an online storyteller
How to get over the fear of what others think
How to find meaningful work as a multipassionate woman


Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • How Vasavi helps others to find their voice as storytellers online and the number 1 block she has seen women experience

  • Vasavi’s advice on getting past your mental blocks

  • Tips on juggling it all as an entrepreneur

  • How to share your experiences & vulnerable moments without fear of what others think

  • The Mind Your Own Business community

  • Advice on helping multipassionate women feel good and do meaningful work

  • Mindset tips for storytelling

  • Where to connect with Vasavi

Meet Vasavi

A first-generation Indian immigrant, she grew up in a traditional Hindu household on Long Island, New York. Living and going to school in a predominantly all-White town, she struggled with figuring out her own unique identity, the mental heartache of bullying, and shame from outshining the other students in her class due to her strict upbringing and focus on academics. Back then, she longed for acceptance, and believed that she had to dumb herself down to fit in and be welcomed into social circles.

From her own mental health challenges, divorce, addiction and RECOVERY, she’s learned that missteps and wrong turns don’t break your love of Self. You have the power to overcome your rock bottom moments successfully, and come out the other side stronger.

I am here to help you heal yourself. I’ve been there.

Her methods are rooted in science and Eastern mindfulness tools, mixed with her relentless passion to help you find, and use your voice. Vasavi's mission is to share everything—good, bad, and ugly—in order to teach you a more mindful, practical, and simple way of running your life and business. It’s an honor for Vasavi to see the look on her client’s faces when they embrace their inner power and set free their OWN abilities to get what they want in life.

"It’s my honor and top most value and priority to continue to use my talents, gifts, and experiences to help you, help yourself. If you’re looking for a shot of confidence, be sure to connect with me on Instagram and Facebook. I appreciate you more than you know. I look forward to connecting with you inside the Real Rich community, talking to you, and seeing you SHINE. "




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