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087. Business trends for multipassionates 2.0, feat. Kim Foster, Albiona Rakipi, and Taylor Torres

087. Business trends for multipassionates 2.0, feat. Kim Foster, Taylor Torres, Albiona Rakipi

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In this ep, we’re continuing with a series we started back on ep 071 called BUSINESS TRENDS FOR MULTIPASSIONATES. In this series, we’re focusing on marketing & branding strategies, industry entrepreneurs are using to engage with their clients & create killer offers their clients are obsessed with. We have an amazing lineup for today’s episode including an MD turned entrepreneur, a parenting expert, and a systems & operations expert.

You don't want to miss:

How to solidify your main offer from Dr. Kim, Business mentor & podcast host
The importance of systems in your business with Taylor Torres, Systems & Operations Exert
How to find balance & ditch the mom guilt growing your business with Albiona Rakipi, parenting expert


Resources from this episode:

Meet Dr. Kim Foster

Dr. Kim Foster is MD turned coach and business mentor for health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs.

After having nearly 20 year experience as a family doctor and experiencing the frustrations and limitations of the conventional healthcare system and then discovering the incredible potential of wellness coaching, she now helps health & wellness coaches build their businesses, find freedom, and make the world a healthier place. Kim also is a founder of a Wellness coach Academy where she helps to start a successful career in health & wellness coaching - she provides a 6-month long certification program for everyone who would love to pursue health & wellness coaching as a career.

She has been featured on multiple TV, radio, and print media outlets, and is also the host of the podcast Marketing & Mindset for Wellness Coaches.






Meet Taylor Torres

Taking life by the horns as she came into the world in ‘95, Taylor Torres jumped into entrepreneurship early on, cutting her teeth as a pro photographer. Scaling her goals with savvy, she then went on to accept a role as communications manager for a flourishing non-profit organization in the Houston metro area.

Following a devastating divorce and quarter-life crisis, Taylor found herself fulfilled in a natural pivot to serve entrepreneurs with the marketing knowledge she had gained in her previous lines of work. She first founded The Social Circle, a mega profitable virtual assistant studio and then, due to high demand, scaled her services into Chanel & Lee, a high-level strategy and operations thinktank serving the modern, multi passionate CEO.

Taylor lives in Texas with her boyfriend Josh, her incredible step-daughter Addison and her sweet son Bub.

In her free time, Taylor is a professional powerlifter, loves to build her excessive collection of thigh-high boots that she will certainly wear to the grocery store, and daydream of a Restoration Hardware inspired home where toddlers and white couches can coexist peacefully.






Meet Albiona Rakipi

Albiona is the founder of Kiddos and Insights, a site where she discusses trends in parenting, chats with experts and explores behavioral strategies that she has seen work and not work. Her goal is to ask questions and search for answers while we learn how to trust our inner voice. Instincts matter, and we’ll explore how they can serve us well in life and as parents.

Kiddos and Insights is a space where you’ll feel seen and heard. She began this idea with the belief that children can be our greatest teachers. Her hope is that you’ll think of something in a new way, and learn more about yourself and your kiddos through your journey. Albiona asks that you keep an open mind, and set aside all judgements about parenting.



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