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097. Tips and tactical strategies on how to build your business from scratch with Doone Roisin

097. Tips and tactical strategies on how to build your business from scratch with Doone Roisin, Founder of Female Startup Club

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“You have to do things you don’t like, in order to figure out what you do like.” Deal?

In this episode we sat down with Doone Roisin from the UK to chat tactical strategies and tips to build your business from scratch. Speaking from experience, as Doone grew up in the middle of nowhere in Australia and hustled her way through the fashion industry and startups until she found her place in the entrepreneurial world.

As the founder of The Female Startup Club (with multiple successful launches & collabs under her belt), you can expect relatable and tangible tips for the multipassionate on building your biz from the ground up! Let’s dive in!

You don't want to miss:

How to find focus between all your ideas
A mini roadmap to navigating your entrepreneurial journey
Where to begin with monetizing your skills
The dos and don'ts of launching a new offer

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • Get to know Doone and her beginnings from "the middle of nowhere"

  • Her advice to multipassionates on finding your focus

  • How to monetize your skills and where to start

  • Top lessons learned from the launch of her non alcoholic wine

  • Dos and don'ts of marketing & launching your new offer

  • Where to connect with Doone

(*excuse the recording error in this episode's intro -- Doone's book Your Hype Girl launches 2/28/22!)

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About Our Guest: Doone Roisin

Doone Roisin is an Australian entrepreneur and marketing expert.

After having spent the last 10 years working in digital marketing and ecommerce; from running the social media at Australia’s largest (and most successful) online retailer The Iconic, to working with huge global brands like Snapchat and IMG she changed gears and started launching her own companies; a direct-to-consumer jewellery brand that exists to make millennial women all over the world sparkle bright, and Female Startup Club; an educational platform that provides insightful podcasts and technical courses.

"I’m on a mission to help advance women-in-progress through an insightful podcast, technical courses and relevant resources to learn and dominate."

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