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100. Celebrating 100 Episodes with Special Guests

100. Celebrating 100 Episodes with Special Guests: Shannon McKinstrie (social media manager & mentor), Haley Diaz (founder of The Humerus Med), Lo Hixon (founder of Passion & Growth), Nichole Howard (photographer).

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POP CLINK FIZZ, FRIENDS! CHEERS TO EPISODE 100! We can’t believe we’re here and want to thank you all so much for the listens, downloads, and reviews!

This podcast has been an amazing way for us to not only meet other multipassionates killing the game, but it’s served as a business resource for our community and way to network!

In our 100th episode you’re going to hear from some of our past top rated podcast guests and VIP mentorship clients. You’ll get the BTS of how we met these guests and clients, and where they are now! Grab a glass of bubbly, LaCroix, or iced coffee and get ready to celebrate with us!

You don't want to miss:

Instagram lessons with Shannon McKinstrie, social media manager and mentor. This was our most downloaded ep!
Catching up with Lo Hixon from Passion & Growth, one of our first coaching clients when we didn’t even have a real product!
How photographer Nichole Howard ended up living out her dream business
How PA student Haley Diaz managed her most successful month of business with us

Resources from this episode:

Show Notes:

  • Hear how Anna Laura & Alex met and how it's going

  • Meet Shannon McKinstrie

  • Meet Lo Hixon

  • Meet Haley Diaz

  • Meet Nichole Howard

Don’t forget to leave a review/comment and let us know how we can support you during this time.

About Our Guest: Shannon McKinstrie

HEY FRIEND! I’m Shannon.

The unofficial poster girl for oat milk lattes, pinot grigio, and long walks down the aisles of Target. I’m also a wife, mama, and marketing junkie who turned my love of social media into a 6-figure business from straight-up scratch.

Every day I get to help small businesses shine on social and then watch as their ideal leads come in and their communities thrive.

Best. Job. Ever.

Wherever you are in your journey, I am passionate about helping you elevate your business, make an impact on others, and get results through organic and proven social media strategies.

I’m here for you, friend, and cheering you on every step of the way.

Connect with Shannon

About Our Guest: Lo Hixon

Hello! My name is Lo and I am the founder of Passion & Growth.

As a baby, I had a tumor on my face that grew rapidly. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of treatment at the time & I had many surgeries throughout my childhood leaving scars behind. Due to the trauma I faced, I developed self-limiting beliefs about myself.

I drowned a lot of the way I felt in alcohol and food. Even worse, I pushed anyone who was close to me away. About four years ago I decided enough was enough.. I started reading every personal development book imaginable, I watched documentaries, journaled, I did it ALL. It was HARD & there were days when I didn’t feel like putting in the work. Then one day it clicked and all of a sudden I noticed that my mindset was changing. I could derail my thoughts if they were spiraling and I started to believe in myself.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve and I look forward to the exciting changes and growth I will see within Passion and Growth.

Connect with Lo

About Our Guest: Haley Diaz

My name is Haley, and I created The Humerus Med™ to focus on raising awareness and advocating for individuals with Dysautonomia, disabilities, and LGBTQ+ health disparities.

I'm a first-generation Hispanic PA student with a disability called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). After being repeatedly discouraged from studying medicine due to my condition; I decided I needed an outlet where I could continue to motivate myself, and others in similar predicaments, to continue to pursue their dreams.

I want it to be clear that you can still become a medical professional despite a disability, the journey will just look a little different. In order to support my mission, I also donate 10% of all profits to the organizations listed here: Dancing Dreams, Potsie Packs, and GLMA.

Connect with Haley

About Our Guest: Nichole Howard

Hi There!

My purpose is to create branded photography for women, so they feel motivated to serve their communities and confident about achieving their dreams and goals.

How do I do this?

I am not only a photographer, I am also a certified project manager (PMP). So I mix my planning expertise & creative eye with compassion and laughter to provide you with the best set of photos to serve your business and life – so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Essentially, hiring me is an investment in your future and a lot of fun.

Connect with Nichole

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