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105. How to align your many interests & talents with your business mission with Jessica Rosado

105. How to align your many interests & talents with your business mission with Jessica Rosado

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In this episode we replay the audio from a recent episode of The SHE x SHINE Show. with Jessica Rosado: entrepreneur, writer, producer, and storyteller. She breaks it down for us on how to truly find your authentic voice to tell your story through various forms of media and find your focus as multipassionate woman online! She shares: “Being multipassionate can feel like a blessing and a curse. It’s like wow I have all these ideas and so many things I want to do.”

The SXS Show airs monthly on Comcast RISE! Say “Comcast RISE” into your Xfinity remote to watch! If you don’t have Comcast, you can also check out all eps on YouTube at the link in our show notes.

You don't want to miss:

Finding your focus between multiple passions
Time management & self care tips
How to find your voice & platform as a storyteller
How to grow your digital footprint

Resources from this episode:

  • Watch the episode here

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About Our Guest: Jessica Rosado

A creative soul driven by her passion for storytelling, Jessica is a producer, writer, content creator, and entrepreneur. She is a classically trained vocalist, FAA certified drone pilot, and a graduate of the University of South Florida with a B.A. in Mass Communications and a concentration in Broadcast Production.

Jessica is the podcast creator and host of The Digital Coffee Date, Telly Award winning documentary producer, editor for her lifestyle blog, and YouTube Channel, and the owner of Elevated Tea Media.

Her eclectic background in the performing arts, broadcast journalism, digital marketing, film producing, and audio editing has equipped her with the knowledge and experience to pursue many entrepreneurial endeavors successfully.

She is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, activist for the prevention of domestic violence, and advocate for performing arts education. When it comes to storytelling through various media, she has a strong passion for the creative process from concept through to the final production, and beyond.

Currently, Jessica continues her mission to empower and encourage women around the world through her various platforms and growing digital community.

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