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113. Financial & Legal Steps to Make Your Business “Legit”

113. Financial & Legal Steps to Make Your Business “Legit”

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Can you believe that “how to start a business” was one of the most popular internet searches was last year ?! We totally can, because it’s one of the most frequent questions we get from the ladies in our SXS VIP mentorship program.

They want to know how to make your business legitimate before launching or before they take the plunge into full time entrepreneurship.

Some are transitioning to full time entrepreneur while some still love their full time job and the freedom to grow a business alongside it. From scaling their photography business, to deciding to launch that ebook, to finalizing their own speech therapy private practice, so many of our clients took the next steps in locking down their offers and scaling their business. Sound like you? Let’s get into it!

Listen in to learn how to:

Open a business bank account
Find Easy to understand and nonjudgy financial resources to help you track expenses and set goals
How to get an LLC
Draft the Contracts you need to protect your brand

Resources from this episode:

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