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44. How to achieve your Champagne Dream (AKA the vision for your life, biz, & community)

44. How to achieve your Champagne Dream (AKA the vision for your life, biz, & community)

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Hey multipassionate queen. We know there’s so many ideas, dreams, floating around in your head…and you’re probably wondering how do you get focused enough to start making big moves in your biz?

Today we’ll go through 2 important steps you need to create and reach your CHAMPAGNE DREAM aka that big vision you have for your life, your business, and your community. We’ll show you how to break down your goals to help give you the most confident start as we head into a new year.

Keep in mind, that setting goals can happen LITERALLY ANY TIME-- not just the start of a new year! We’ll also cover some FAQs we get about setting goals, too.

We talk about:

What a champagne dream is and how to create one
Setting focus points to reach your goals
What to do when you’re having trouble creating your big vision
How to know how high to set your goals & which ones to start with

Resources from this episode:

The SHExSHINES Academy Facebook Group

Show Notes:

  • Step 1: Start with your main vision and work backwards from there.

  • Set a champagne dream.

  • What to do if you’re having trouble creating your champagne dream.

  • Step 2: Break it down into smaller, achievable steps.

  • Your vision

  • Setting focus points: yearly goal, quarterly goal, monthly goal, weekly goal, daily tasks

  • FAQs

  • How do I know how many goals to set?

  • How do I know which goals to start with?

  • What if I know I’m already going to reach my goal? Should I include it during my goal setting?

  • How do I know how high to set my goal?

  • What happens if I’m behind?

  • How do I stay on track with my goals?


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