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5 Tips for the Beginning Entrepreneur

5 TIPS FOR BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR — from our girl Sasha over at Vacay Beauty: former corporate queen turned spray tanning & storefront mogul.


✍🏽 Develop Your Brand First! // Your brand is your opportunity to share who you are with the world - if you don’t have this figured out, you’ll only confuse potential customers and clients! 👑 Go All In // Entrepreneurship is not an easy road, but committing to go all in and play full out makes all the difference on the days you are working REALLY hard to motivate yourself!

Get Intentional! // Be aware of your time and energy. It’s so easy to throw your work/life balance out of whack, so being intentional with how your spending your time and where you’re putting your energy will help you stay focused on what matters in your biz, while also still having fun! 💫 Be Patient // There are very few ACTUAL get rich quick entrepreneurs out there. Building a business takes time - like years! Don’t get down on yourself if your first month, 6 months, or year doesn’t bring you millions of dollars. 👯‍ Get Connected // Working for yourself with ONLY yourself all day long can be super lonely. Create or join circles of like-minded folks who can support you through the roller coaster of entrepreneurship! Which of these tips has made the biggest difference to you in your entrepreneurial journey?



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