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Actual Mistakes We've Made... and how we survived

We can't believe we did that...

LOL JK, we totally can. From emailing oopsies, filming mishaps, & the two of us trying to wear multiple hats at once has led to a fewww mistakes! In this #SXSFriday5, we're sharing 5 mistakes we've made + how we managed to fix them...

1 🎥 Tech Difficulties // In the final stages of editing for the upcoming SXS Academy, one of our vids went haywire! We had to reshoot the whole thing...from 2 different states.

✔️ We had to ask ourselves - Do we scrap it? Strip the audio? Push back deadlines? We decided to reshoot!

2 💌 E-mail // After HOURS of emailing sponsors (without food or rest), we sent a very important email with a very wrong name 🥴.

✔️ We immediately called and clarified to remedy the situation.

3 📋 Asking for Help // We didn’t check in all the attendees at our first event. Between setting up, hosting our guests, communicating with sponsors... We got a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks and let the check-in slip. #helpneeded

✔️We hired someone for check-in for the next events!

4 ⏳ Time Management // We didn’t give deadlines for event swag from sponsors or we didn’t give ourselves enough setup & breakdown time for events.

✔️ We now have a “swag” checklist for all sponsors...and while we’re getting there, we’re still working on fine tuning our setup & breakdown times 😂

5 🔑Key information // We had forgotten to ask for important info in writing from event spaces, vendors, and sponsors. For example, the specifics of using discount codes/gift cards/class passes.

✔️ Now, we have a form and checklist for our amazing vendors & sponsors!

Nevertheless, we always manage to celebrate our efforts & reassess for the next move going forward! 🥂

YOUR TURN! What is a mistake YOU have made, and how did you fix it? Share with your #SXSSociety below! And be sure ask us your questions here, or slide into our DMs, with your tips! We love sharing your stories and ideas that help other women's brands and businesses shine! ⠀⠀


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image c/o The Shine Studio

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