Becoming a Social Media Manager with Natalie: SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

Meet the SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

Natalie Acevedo Nogueras

social media manager

I've worked for the State of Texas for 15 years with a degree in Business and Government Communications and Non-Profit Management. My passion for helping female entrepreneurs grow their business and my love of social media kickstarted my journey in 2019 as a Social Media Manager. In my experience in social media management, I've supported multiple niches to include hair salons, cake bakeries, and boutiques.

In 2019, I created @txbossbabes, a collaborative space on Instagram bringing together female entrepreneurs all over Texas to support, promote and cheer each other on as small business owners and individuals. I have a passion to inspire women on their journey in every aspect of life, while helping them understand the power of social media in their specific niche.

ABOUT THE RESOURCE: The Ins and Outs of a Social Media Manager

This resource from the SHE x SHINES Academy's Resource Library contains tips for both sides of social media management, from the future employer's side to the aspiring social media manager. Future employers will glean advice on:what to look for in a social media manager, hiring tips to improve your business efficiency, and reasonable rates for your social media manager.

This resource also serves as a business guide for future VAs and social media managers to learn how to successfully manage your clients/accounts. Whether you are someone seeking how to get organized with social media, or you're an aspiring social media manager, you will learn how to

  • leverage your relationships

  • reuse and revamp content

  • scheduling hacks

  • tracking account progress & analytics, and more

Learn more about the SXS Academy here, and check out Natalie's resource!

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Becoming a Social Media Manager with Natalie: SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

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