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BONUS: Optimizing your IG Bio to Convert Followers to Subscribers

BONUS: Optimizing your IG Bio to Convert Followers to Subscribers (BTS of an Academy Strategy Session)

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In this episode we take you BTS of what a live strategy session looks like in The SXS Academy, with webinar attendee Liz. We were so thrilled that Liz decided to join us as a 103 member of The Academy, during the webinar! At the end of our April webinar (Networking, Pitching & Collaboration 101) we gave one attendee the opportunity to participate in a live strategy session where we completed a social media & site review. During these sessions, we take a deep dive into your mission statement, vision and goals for your brand, and provide suggestions to bring clarity and direction.

We dive into: 

Optimizing your IG bio & the importance in adding a CTA
Creating a solid mission statement.
How to convey your mission statement & purpose on your IG and website

Resources from this episode:

Before you listen:

Check out Liz's IG bio revamp after our strategy session. (From left to right: Before, After)

Show Notes:

  • Liz shares her takeaway from the webinar (2:22)

  • A read-through of Liz’s IG Bio (2:52)

  • Meet Liz, her reason for starting her blog, and why she joined The SXS Academy during the webinar (3:20)

  • Hook them from the scroll! A content suggestion on how to share her mission statement more frequently throughout her feed (5:15)

  • Reduce overusing taglines in your IG bio and incentivize your followers to click the link in your bio (7:02)

  • Drive traffic to your website - an alternative to using LinkTree in your bio using a hidden page on your website (7:51)

  • When people come to your website, will they know the name of your business or brand? (8:58)

  • “Here’s who I am and what I can do for you.”: content suggestions on how to bring Liz’s mission statement to life (9:40)

  • We share suggestions on how Liz can optimize her IG bio to include her main focus, driving traffic to her email newsletter & freebie (10:52)

  • Clarifying your mission & purpose: Reorganizing Liz’s IG bio to drive followers to click on the link in her bio (14:35)

  • Praises to Liz for owning who she is and how her business actions are aligned with her mission (16:32)

  • Why you NEED an email list! (18:42)

  • A tour through Liz’s website: suggestions to keep followers on the homepage and interested in clicking through her site (19:45)

  • Liz's review of the live strategy session (21:36)

  • “It’s never going to be perfect.” Website advice from our very own website developer 😉...Anna Laura (23:47)

  • Outro & information on The SXS Academy (25:48)

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How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio to Convert Followers

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