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Meet the SXS Academy: Chanel, The Blessed Babe | creating a mission and more!


Meet the SXS Academy


103 Member, super mom, working a full time job & growing her blog, The Blessed Babe


When Chanel joined us, she was looking for a support squad of women like her - working but pursuing other passions. Chanel wanted to revamp her website & streamline her brand, hone in on who she was speaking to online, and pursue her public speaking goals, but needed an action plan.

Before The Academy:

Chanel was without a mission statement or clear defined audience. She also was using multiple brand names across her site and social media, leading to brand confusion rather than awareness, and she didn’t want to tell anyone about this new public speaking passion!

Mmk we’ve all been there though, right? You have the idea, you started to execute but didn’t know how to follow through. You wanted to finally work on that new side-hustle but the nerves started creeping in to let others know. 

Because the SXS Academy courses are made for multi passionate, busy women like Chanel (who is a full time working mom who wanting to grow her business in the pockets of her life), she has been able to make major gains by showing up, staying committed to her vision, and having the support of like-minded women & experts in their field. Her monthly calls with us (Anna Laura & Alex!) also provide a clear, effective action plan, so Chanel is focused on what she needs to do, and doesn't have to spend her valuable time scouring Google ISO "what should I be doing now to grow?!"

5 months into her Academy experience, Chanel has:
  • created a clear mission statement and purpose for her blog

  • narrowed to one brand name, The Blessed Babe, for consistency across all channels and brand recognition

  • knows exactly who she’s writing for and speaking to

  • has booked 2 public speaking gigs! 

In the Academy, we not only give you a clear plan to cut the clutter, we also give you the confidence boost and resources you need to thrive, no matter how much time you have (or don't have!) in your daily life. We ’re there right with you to answer any questions and provide actionable steps to reach your goals.

We are so proud of you, Chanel, for taking the initiative to plug into the Academy resources, calls, and courses, and for taking your personal action plan and RUNNING with it! 

Go show Chanel -- @_theblessedbabe_ -- some love today!



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